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  • Operational Address : 4/F-1, No. 102, Songlong Road, Xinyi District, Taiwa
  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : Taiwa
  • Year Established : 2011
  • Main Markets : Domestic Market 50.00% Eastern Asia 20.00% North America 10.00%
  • Main Products : Health Care Products,Beauty Care Products,Aromatherapy Products,Organic Food,Medical Cosmetic Product, Top Selling Products, Wholesale,OEM/ ODM, Make Up,Essential Oil,Breast Massage Oil, Full Body Massage Essential Oil, Acupoint Massage Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Essential Oil, Body Massage Oil Set, Body Essential Oil Set, Skin Care,Face Cleansing,Skin Toner Spray, Face Serum,Face Cream,Face Lotion,Face Gel Cream, Eye Cream,Skin Gel, Skin Care Set,Facial Mask,Facial Mask Cream, Body Care,Breast Cream,Body Lotion,Slimming Cream,Hair Removal Cream,Sunscreen Wipes, Health Care,Drunk-Guard, Essential Oil Diffuser
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  • Company Introduction

    "Ji Yuan" in Chinese is homophonic to "serendipity, because the company founder loves exploring the uncharted nature and on several occasions while traveling mountains, she discovered and enjoyed the enchanted forest essence by serendipity. In the melancholy gray and towering mountains, the founder was inspired to further understand various greenery plants which have exhibited their own poses and expressions with elegant essence that she found valuable and pleasant.The Growth of PlantsThe growth of plants follows its own law of development cycles and changes. Plants grow in varies way according to different seasons. Plants change coupled with the sun movements, placement of the shadow, the direction of the wind, the amounts of the rain, and other weather phenomenon. Furthermore, photosynthesis helps plants achieve the changes of the dynamics beauty.The Colors of PlantsThe colors of plants mainly presented on the flowers and leaves. The color of the flowers and leaves some are plain with mono color, but some are bright and colorful. Also, some flowers have fresh and elegant colors, and some have strong, vivid, with enchanting colors.The Scent of PlantsThe scent of plants has maximum benefit to the human body that will balance the body, mind and spirit. The scent of plants helps us to relax like walk into the enchanted forest, breath in fresh phytoncid (an antimicrobial allelochemic ("Chemical interactions between species, involving release of active chemical substances; such as, scents") volatile organic compounds derived from plants) and release the stress within oneself.The Components of PlantsMore and more studies confirm that the natural plant contains many valuable skin care ingredients, with excellent cosmetic aromatherapy that provide nutrition to the body cells that could even help relieve allergies symptoms.Based on the analysis about the plants above, Ji Yuan hopes to apply the achievements from biotechnology R&D in beauty aromatherapy products, and follow the belief of sharing the life-happiness with others, which has becomes the core value for Ji Yuan's mental health and beauty business.The materials used in our product lines are origin from nature, such as orchids, lotus, cypress wood and other natural materials. The varieties types of essential oils are patented and are made for use for beauty care, promote healthy body and aromatherapy.When "anti-aging" slogan has become a mass public campaign, the founders hoped by establishing "Ji Yuan" -a Health Conscious and Beauty Care company, with the new and better healthy products that will help friends and loved ones to defer the rate of aging process, to prolong youth, and enjoy healthy life.Technical BackgroundIngredientsOur products are raw materials of essential oils and orchid embryo factors. The extraction methods are derived from the town of Tainan, Taiwan Orchid Center, National Cheng Kung University. Essential oils are collected from orchid which currently using the world's exclusive tightly control invasive method to collect orchids oil. On an average, 150,000 to 180,000 of Phalaenopsis (moth orchid) are needed to collect a kilogram of pure essential oils. One can imagine how precious the Phalaenopsis essential oil is in compare to rose oil. Orchid embryo element is called the embryo; embryo is an essential basis to complete biological life, as similar to human embryos stem cells that are valuable and far more precious than human cells.ProductsThe development of product formulations and production are in Kaohsiung Lin Family Biotech Co. Ltd., Taiwan. The unique patented microencapsulation technology is effectively used to preserve the essential oils and embryo with coating that will prevent damage from the light and heat . It also increases the effective components of activation and prolongs the storage time.

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  • Contact Person : Ms. Tina Li
  • Department : Director/CEO/General Manager
  • Job Title : Manager
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  • Address : 4F.-1, No.102, Songlong Rd., Xinyi Dist
  • Zip/Post Code : 110
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