Azerbaijan Company List

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  • Goldport Limited

    Affiyadin Gallilov, 20

  • Balance Audit

    370002, Baku, S.Askerova str., 79


  • Azuqe LTD

    A.Tala, Zaqatala, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan,6200

    Dear Sir/Madam We are a 'hazelnut' supplier from Azerbaijan.We areoffering for sale hazelnut kernels FOR BEST PRICE!!!, which inaccordance with common in International practice standards of sizecalibrations and humiditys. Hazelnut kernel: 11/13mm, 13/15mm and15mm+. Also we can offer technical oil. ...

    Founded in Denmark 1972, FLEXA specializes design, manufacturing and sales of Scandinavian interior solutions for Kids.WE DESIGNWe develop complete, contemporary interiors babies children. All products are designed to create a safe stimulating environment which adapts, grows transforms meet children's ongoing ...
  • Luice Plant

    Bijagari, Baku, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan,AZ1111

    Dear Sir, We are urgently selling our Juice Plant in Azerbaijan. Description as below: Consists of 5 initial line and steam equipments; Private property / Closed Joint Stock Company; The building land to private ownership; Production- juices, campouts, jams, tomato paste, milk, fruits vegetables etc. In general, producing ...
  • Kong Xin Cai Co.

    Huaxing Road Hanz,

    We are the largest suppliers of shirts/caps in Hanz and provide our products to more than 200 countries and regions.

    Binagadi highway 53 N

  • Real Gaz

    Khocali 37

  • Teknovl Electrical LLC

    inshaatchilar, Baku, Azerbajian, Azerbaijan,AZ1073

    Tekno VL a company established in Azerbaijan order to satisfy the technological development this country and it have main aim realize modern electrical equipment, electric panels high quality conformity with European regulation.The production will be dedicated carry out power control for building plant engineering ...
  • Azinfotec

    9th microdistrict


    Big Sor Town 24-27

    DICON DCA INTERNATIONAL, is a international trade company, based in baku/Azerbaijan with central office and other offices many different cities within the country as well countries.DICON deals export of commodities: Urea 46, DAP, brasil sugar, sun flower oil, soya bean&oilgas crude oil any amount to aswp lc. For further ...
  • Eylegan Broiler

    mil district, baku, azerbaijan, Azerbaijan,99412

    i'm from Azerbaijan, my company 's broiler and we sell *****
  • God Give Company

    hangzhou 1 street hangzhou,

  • Mirenerge

    Bolshevo district, Prudnaya street 8/1 Korolev, Moscow

  • Kera Mobile

    das 44 - no 23 Ziree khoy,

    Hi allI would like to present our small company which located in azerbijan and we deal with elctronics mobiles accessories.and computer parts.
  • Gilan FMCG

    125 Heydar Aliyev ave., 4 th floor, Baku, Az1029 Baku, Baku

    Dear Sirs,Let me introduce myself. My name is Parviz Bunyatov I am export manager of Gilan FMCG.I delighted to our Hazelnut factory's products:Our factory one the largest hazelnut processing plant Caucasus region and a part large group companies GilanHolding (over 50 enterprises, ...
  • Deco Design LLC

    ac.H.Aliyev 117/3

  • REYM Ltd.

    Baku, Yeni Yasamal 1 Baku,

    We offer you HDPE, PP, LDPE for suitable prices form our own plant! Payment is depends on negotiations!
  • EminLTD

    H.Eliyev, Nakhcivan, NAR, Azerbaijan,Az7000

    We want to get profitable cooperation also to get ability to join world trade Our company specializate on establishing contacts between local and forign companies.
  • Al Jeed Trading

    21, shael, kes, Azerbaijan,2101

  • BT Techno Service

    Other, Azerbaija

    BT Texno Servis MMC is environmental, waste management and consultancy company in Azerbaijan, offer clean up services fields of oil polluted soil wastewater with long experience international cooperation. provides innovative field tested technologies, small-scale pilot testing full-scale remediation services, ...
  • Mep Baku Mmc

    azadlik prospekti, baku, 151 n0, Azerbaijan,1096

    our company has working services and export import based, we representative of focus certification of azerbaijan,about ISO 9001 related with training and consulting services, another part of company working about export and import for raw materials of paint sector/
  • Gilan Zeytu


  • Gulevsha

    Jafar-Jabarli 40

    Company "Gulovsha" was established in 01 September 2006 on basis of exclusive manufacture "Royal Pom" the territory Azerbaijan. As part our continuing efforts to be a quality manufacturer, we are extremely pleased that headquarters and manufacturing plant Azerbaijan applied for ISO9001 ...