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  • Luciano International Ltd.

    ul.6th September 12



  • Arbu Cosmetic

    Platchkovitza 5, Sofia, sofia, Bulgaria,1164

    arbū,a new luxury brand of organic cosmetics, blends thehighest-qualityorganic oils and extracts with the latest in active ingredients, tocreatea modern line glamorous facial body creams, presented insignaturedark violet glass bottles. We believe a harmonious way life.Weinspire your senses. are green. Our concept ...
  • Anton Dimov

    Gladston, Plovdiv, Bulgaria,4003

    The company provides know how for OEM cosmetics manufacturers.

    Petar Shilev No 2

    Fibre Industries Group has activities in the field of selling and manufacturing cosmetic products. We produce a wide range of products for skin care, hair care, dental hygiene, cosmetics for men and products for children. All products are manufactured in the EU.

    P.O. Box 32

    "INVESTMENT ALLIANCE" Cooperative is a voluntary association of individuals with variable capital and number members that, through mutual assistance cooperation on the basis international cooperative principles, realizing commercial activities to satisfy their interests needs. The legal entity separate ...
  • BulEtera

    Shipka 1 Buld

    BulEtera is a private, family-run, Bulgarian company with 10 years of experience in cultivation oil-bearing crops and production trade essential oils.At present the company's plantations are extended to 110 ha. The land situated renowned Rose Valley. 80 ha planted oleaginous rose - Damascena Mill 30 Lavendula ...

    Alen Mak 2, No 162.

    Creams have a wide range of therapeutic effects and can be used for prevention complex treatment several diseases:Creams prolonged action, help look younger than their biological age, slowing the aging processCreams are very effective at acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, warts etc.At surface acne remission usually occurs ...
  • CMC-C Ltd

    G.Benkovski 3, Pirdop, Bulgaria,2070

    Engraving everything Laser and MechanicalEngraving Mechanical ...
  • Plamen Mihaylov

    eli lom 35

  • Quot;Zornitza Company" Ltd


  • Dit Commerce Ltd

    50 Gen. Kartsov

    TradeVerify DIT COMMERCE LTD is a production company for parfumery and cosmetics from Bulgaria.We can offer you big range of Hair care Skin products.We pay spesial attention to the quality products.Our products are enreached with naturel active ingredients,plant extracts vitamines.Using our garantee healph beauty look your ...
  • Solvex Cosmetic Producst Ltd.

    2 Darvin Str

    We produce hair colourants, specialized cream lines for skin care, foot care products and Sun products.Our developments at the mment are dermatological creams.We export to more than 35 countries around world.Company is private with its own manufacturing facilities.The manager of R&D laboratory has year expiriance in ...
  • Minerva International Ltd

    Poltava str. 3, vx. I, ap. #

    The Company is registered this year, but I was producing HemoKill since 2011, with my previous company. most important advantage is, that product the only one in World, guaranteeing 100 % effectiveness, against all type of Hemorrhoids !Please, see resume for more information. am just about to begin production a new herbal ...

    21B "Lerin" Str. app.31

    No profileWe are dedicated to offering the best customer service, excellent prices and fast deliveries. We spend quality time perfecting our offerings. Thus our customers enjoy the benefits of our hard work.


  • Raaya Ltd

    152 Rakovski Str

  • Dikona LTD

    Ginzi 9

  • Evterpa

    qvorov 15