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  • Drogueria Santa Ana

    26 calle 20-00, guatemala, guatemala, Guatemala,001005

    we produce, sale, babies products like creme, lotions. Years before we works with all kind of pharmacy products. Now we want to have the distrubutions of babies diaper
  • Body Mind Spirit

    18 Calle 15-51 Zona 13

    Distributor or franchise in Guatemala Central America Body mind spirit are interested becoming a distributor AmericaGood day to you and tank for your services.I would like take this great opportunity introduce our self as leading sealer of best quality products, mutual import requirements. Company BackgroundWe have major ...
  • Jupema Corp S.A

    Calle Balcones San Cristobal

    Jupema Corp S.A specializes in production, packing and exporting hair dye powder, beauty cosmetics.* With five different colors. *Our products include permanence hair, anti-allergic Only using the best raw materials.*We have 5 own brands, many more of our OEM clients.Our are supervised offer top quality available market.You ...
  • Dipisa Grou

    roosevelt, Guatemala, Other, Guatemala,1001

    History Founded in 1992, with the name of DIPISA, By Mr. July Daniel Palaces, who worked personally area sales, office and administration.With headquarters offices at Elena Avenue zone 1, Directed exclusively for Industry Footwear, distributing only three products (Heel, Oxford Quiana).Around two years DIPISA already ...
  • Visioluciones Sociedad Anonima

    23 Av. "A" 4-29 Villa de Miraflores zona 11

  • Dellaterra1

    502, gua, gua, Guatemala,01015

    We sell natural handmade soaps. No chemicals, nor artificial colorants or scents added, only 100% Essential Oils. Our bases are made mainly with 100% Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Palm Kernell Oil, Shea Butter and others.

    5 Calle 16-64 Zona 12

    MENTOCA is rich in E Vitamin and other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E helps to calm, hydrate and balance dry lips. Also helps to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • Clinica Integral

    4 Av 18-40, Zona 14