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  • Alhadharaalarabia

    amria, baghdad, Iraq

  • Shakar Trading Ltd

    9 Sarwary Street, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq

    We are the largest Importer/Exporter/Wholesaler in Northern Iraq , we mainly deal with personal care products such as shampoo,cream.soap,gel,spray,razor.We capable to supply any Iran most reliable dealer Kurdistan/Iraq.Our from Germany,Turkey,UK,France.If you buyer please do not hesitate contact us always having ...
  • Medicare Iraq


    A newly established medical centre in Iraq with various specialities including a cosmetic and aesthetic department.
  • Venus General Trading Company


    We are a general trading company, have many clients in Iraq and Syria, have the agency for air con part from Thailand,and the regional representative of trading company in china, we have good customers for food industry also.
  • Amirally

    al-jamhooria, kirkuk, kirkuk, Iraq,532/32

    our company is widly known in kirkuk province we are supplying deffrent stuff to the local market as cosmatics ,perfume, medical stuff .
  • Tariq Al-Dhain Trading & Construction Co

    Almansour 617 / 18 / 7

    The company works in the field of trading electrical, electronic equipments, construction material, food stuff, beverages, cosmetics, telecommunication, fiber optics and solar power systems, water heaters. Our stuff has experience RF design, radio communication, control systems microprocessors controllers, ...