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  • Luluworks Trust


    Luluworks Trust is an NGO based in Southern Sudan and helps the women who are original custodians of Lulu tree through collection, pounding cold pressing shea nuts to produce butter. Lululife products made from this 100% Virgin Sudanese Proceeds sale of goes back helping women. We sell both raw butter bulk packaged wholesale. ...
  • Wastara Sho


    we are agents who recieve gemstones white mercury ***** and is looking for serious buyers. it anew established co., with an aim of meeting potential buyers , you can as well email me what ae your market will to feed back information related . ...
  • Ruby Beauty Palour

    M3, Nairobi, KENYA, Kenya

    We are a creative Beauty Palour based in Nairobi Kenya. Training in Cardiff by Toni & Guy we able to shape and create styles for European and African hair. We also offer a comprehensive range of make up including grooming for men.
  • B&G Solutio

    river road

  • Great O Lakes Co.

    gong, nairobi, Kenya,00100

    Great O Lakes Co. is a proccessor of nature based products from the local frola and fauna, items of nutritional, medicinal and human wellness importance
  • George Kamau Muchiri

    Juja Road

  • SVB Product


    We are a beginner company who has been operating on sole proprietorship but moved to being as our clientele base ***** have 5 staff, and temporary of 7. establised would like market sell products in wholesale retail increase customer ...
  • Akawa Product Line

  • Zigi Trading


  • LUO Natural

    PO Box 16564

  • Chemscorp East Africa

    Golden Gate Lane

    Chemscorp East Africa Imp. & Ex. Trading Co., Ltd.Established in 2010, Ltd. is a Kenyan based company located Nairobi Industrial Area. We are high-tech enterprises majoring researching, manufacturing and selling of cosmetics household commodities.Driven by market innovation, has developed series commodities products, ...
  • Trinity Suppliers Limited

    52006, Nairobi, Nairobi-Kenya, Kenya,00200

    Dental formular powder (DFP) is a dental product that contains antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin C ***** provides maximum protection against tooth decay gum diseases, relieves toothache stops sensitivity. It also inhibits progression of caries. ...
  • Ameriken Ltd.

    Enterprise Road

    At Ameriken Limited, we pride ourselves of being small charismatic hands on company; treat each and every client a personal level in transparent traditional way service, yet employ state the art technology have worldwide network professionals to offer best serviceAmeriken Limited is company based Nairobi which was ...
  • Alpha Distiller


    We are producers of Artemisia annua with over 1000ha land and in Kenya. also grow other botanical herbs under contract. can expand our production to 7000 ha price is very competitivewe have moved essential oil processing, seed oils cold avocado oil. products ingredients locally sourced Kenya from carefully selected plants that ...
  • Kenya Highlands Agencies Ltd.

    P.O.Box 50829-00200 City Square,, Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya

    We have recently started manufacture of sandalwood oil.We therefore would like corraborate with potential buyers of this product.Our major exports has been tea and coffee which are grown in Kenya.
  • Rimeafricanwood

    NRK-NBI, Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya,20-500

    Prime african woods is a kenyan based company established in 2006,we extract sandalwood oil from the osyris lanceolata wood kenya semi and arid lands,we offer 550 usd per liter of oil.we supply on demand can between 1lt to 150 liters.Any one interested may make further inquirie ...
  • African Print Beauty Cosmetic

    Other, Kenya

    Africa Print Beauty Cosmetics, aims to deliver the best Hair Products that entail great reviews and awareness in Market Region across Worldwide.Africa Cosmetics also has established wide partnership around world ensure products are delivered our Consumers. Our mission is strive Cosmetic shop Kenya provide leading market ...
  • Chandaria Industries Limited

    Po Box 30621

    Chandaria Industries Ltd. Was founded in 1947, now over five decades ago, by its current Chairman Mr. M. Chandaria. It started as a small-scale drinking straw-making unit with the entire operation being run himself. From these humble beginnings, company registered solid growth and then existing operations were subsequently ...
  • Freylynn Store

    airobi, nairobi, nairobi, Kenya

    Freylynn are distributors and wholesalers focused on providingexceptionally affordable wholesale products. Our wide varietyproducts include Hygiene , Beauty & Personal Care Products , Electronics and Medical Supplies .
  • Benmah Product

    Komarock Road

    Our core business is extraction of all types of seed oils and distillation of essential oils from various species of plants. We also specialize in the manufacture of bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide as well as skin and hair nourishment herbal products.