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  • Halima Begim Omad L.L.C

    Bukhara P. O. Box 204004



    The most precious good in the world - health. No one can denyit.In many cases, human health depends on person.  We hope that our shop Bio Natural will help you withthis.Today, more and people tend to use natural products ratherthan artificial. Because all is natural. Indeed, thenatural are very useful for body. By ...
  • Korol Volo

    ahmad donish 1, Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan,100000

    mi, predlagaem optovie Uzbekskie Volosi. TolkoOptom. Bolee chem 1000 saloni krasoti Rossiyi i Ukraini pokupayutvolosi u nas uje neskolko let, mi staraemsa nahodit, sobirat samiemyagkie shelkovistie volosi dlya nashih pokupateley. Unas samie nizkie seni, mnogie prodavsi, saloni, sehi obojayut nashtovar. nekomu ne ...
  • Elite Legume



    Hushnud 76

    -Our NHH-company (Natural Human Hair-Company) collects and sells different kinds Hair for over than 13 years:1)Central Asian (Uzbek) bulk hair,-Satin Soft (Silky Smooth)-Slightly Coarse (Medium Smooth)-Medium (Blends with Relaxed or Pressed Natural)-Very (Rarest straight texture. May take a slightly longer . ...
  • Luck And Fortune Limited

    Bobur, Tashkent, Uzbekista

    We are Luck and Fortune Limited based in Tashkent , Uzbekistan. member of since August, 2011. Our business is related to Agriculture industry we specifically deal fruits, vegetables, puree. Please find our product details below:Natural pureeEcologically pure, tasty, natural products from Uzbekistan, ...

    Sebzor Mavzesi, M-17 / 18, Uy 52a, Tashkent, Uzbekistan,100100

    "EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS" hasbeen in the business for over 12 years. Our company is a family runbusiness, and our main target to satisfy customer\'s demands byproducing distributing premium quality natural virginhuman hair final products.  Over years, ourcompany has been able set up, maintain ...
  • NB Cosmetics

  • Hagdama Ltd

    Hushnut, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan,100080

    Our company established in 1998. We have more than 100 employees.We sell natural human hair in very good quality in big stocks to many countries around the world.
  • Navoiy Hunan Pul


  • Quot;ALVIERO" Ltd.


  • Fujian BioTechnology Company LLC

    Hongyuan Jiangnanmingju 528200, Foshan Guangdong, Guicheng, Uzbekista

    Foshan Dibasi Biotechnology Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer producer of personal skincare products in china.
  • Galina Mikhaylova

    A. S. Banokaty


    Usmana Nosira 45 / 11

    Our company manufactures hand sanitizer gels with extracts of aloe vera, vitamin E, with aromatic fragrances and hypoallergenic fragrance free (in plastic bottles of 50 and 250ml), as well as antibacterial, aromatic and therapeutic liquid soaps (in 250ml).
  • Suzara Busine

    Feruza, Tashkent, Other, Uzbekistan,100000

    Constant stress and frantic pace of life environmental degradation - all it leaves its mark on the inhabitants big cities. Natural Cream soap Lanshe (Lanshe) helps to relieve fatigue provides gentle care for your skin. Light scents sea breezes, hot chocolate or rose petals help you relax after a hard day. A luscious flowers herbs ...
  • Elya VOLOS

    A.Timur, Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekista

    Продажа оптом и в розницу Натуральных Волос из Узбекистана. НашиВолосы очень ...
  • MT Invest Impex

    Nukusskaya 73

  • Select Trade LLC. Tashkent, Uzbekista

    S.Darboza  Tashkent,

    Wholeseller and distribution of goods from South Korea. Various types of cosmetics and dental hygiene.
  • Chach LLC