Benxi Fenghe Lighter Co.,Ltd.

Company Details

  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : Huanxiling Village, Wolong Town, Mingshan District Benxi, Liaoning
  • Year Established : 1995
  • Main Products : Flint Lighters, Electronic Lighters, Gas Lighters,Jumbo Lighters, LED Lighter
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  • Company Introduction

    Dear Sir(Madam):Hello!My name is Helen, I ’m from Benxi Feng he Lighter Co., Ltd.(china),I’m very happy to contact with you.Our company is the professional manufacturer in the field of plastic lighters, our company have developed for 20 years and factory area is 15000 square meters. There are 600 staff in our factory. We have mature management team and quality management system. Kinds of our lighters are according to ISO9994 and CR standard, we have SGS certificate and EN 13869 certificate. Our factory can produce 800,000 pieces lighters per day. Our lighters are sold to more than 20 countries as Europe, North America, South America, Japan, Korea etc. our factory pay attention to reputation , we always provide the customers for reasonable price, safe and reliable products and delivery accurate. Lots of customers keep steady, pleasant and long-term cooperating relationship with us. As to our company products, please go to our website: to choose the style which you like. If you need, Helen can send the sample to you. You can tell me all your idea and need, you can ask me any question about cooperation, let me solve all the questions for you!Helen is looking forward to hearing from you soon. our company can cooperate with you to meet you needs, Helen will try my best to work for you, I hope our contact and discuss will be pleasant and effective!Yours sincerely,HelenBenxi fenghe lighter Co., ltd.Tel:86-24-44815 235Fax:86-24-44815

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Kitty Re
  • Job Title : Business Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Address : Huanxiling Village, Wolong Town, Mingshan District Benxi, Liaoning
  • Website :
  • Company Product

      Sell jumbo electronic lighter FH-828
      Sell Flint Disposable Lighter FH-001
      Sell Slim Lighter FH-205
      Sell Electronic Cigarette Lighter FH-826
      Sell Flint Disposable Lighter FH-207
      Sell Electronic Lighter FH-846
      Sell Electronic Lighter FH-816
      Sell flint lighter FH-005
      Sell slim lighter fh-210
      Sell Electronic Lighter FH-819