• Poryong Mud Korea Co., Ltd.

    15-1203 DongSung apt 617 Shinnae Dong, Jungryung Gu

    Our company (Poryongmud Korea Co., Ltd) is the that uses a raw material of Boryeong mud which collects from pure area Dae chun beach in Boryeong,Chung nam province where famous for international Mud Festival, supplies pack, soap, shampoo, rinse, body cleanser, mask toner, lotion, essence, nutrition cream, BB cream and cosmetics ...

    29-69 Bolli-ri Nongong-eup Dalseong-gu

    Piokorea always thinks about the world safe against bacteria.We will realize a new value of specialized company for anti-bacterial daily products by supplying various needed in our lives through steady research and development agents.We open up business area anti-biotic necessities want to keep from rampant bacteria ...
  • Goodplus, Seacret


  • Boryung Grou

    Chrongro Ku, Wannam Done 66-21

  • Dankook Univ

    Rm420, business and economic Hall,152 Jukjeon-ro Suji-gu, Youngin-si, Gyeonggi-do

    Our company uses natural preservatives instead of chemical seasonings.We try to make a good product for your health.We always think about South Korea's flavors taste the food people world development health.Cooking at home with simple method produces and sells sanitary products that can be made simply eat outdoors! ...
  • Beyond Cosmetics Global

    23-6 Euljiro 6-ga, Joong Gu

  • DoubleHo

  • Dreamelectron Co. Ltd

    Garibongdong 116-11


    Truezyme is an eco-friendly fermentation-specialized company that always takes health as the top priority and enhances quality of life, protecting preserving environment.Truezyme designs products with healthy energy Jeju surrounded by blessed natural environment mysterious vitality fermented solution domestic ...
  • Mirang Co., Ltd.

    #710,Ace Techno Tower 5 Cha,20, Digital-ro 31-gil

    We, Mirang, is a company manufacturing beauty devices and cosmetics especially for facial massagers, galvanic other skin care devices,Also we are doing OEM & ODM business with many companies such as Amway, Glycel, Hankook to produce the most suitable products their logo design.Anytime you need our or business, it always ...
  • Natural Way Korea Co., Ltd.

    Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center #906-5 Lui-dong,  Yeongtong-gu Suwon, Gyeonggi-do

    Natural Way Korea is a manufaturer specialized in the natural cosmetics and soap by OEM/ODM.We do best to satisfy buyers requirement produce world-best product. Since establishment 1996, based on "The nearest thing nature your skin." with philosophy, we have stepped road of skin care , body hair using ingredients. Though ...