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    Mediterranean Olive Arbequine variety.The Liquide Gold of Nature.Extra Virgin Olive Oil- The essence of the Nature from Spanish Mediterranean Olive variety, Arbequina.- Mediterranean coast: Spain

    WTCZ - World Trade Center Zaragoza. West Tower. 15th Floor

    We offer the biggest selection of best Spanish products. offer all types dried fruits and its derivatives, dehydrated fruits, nuts oil, spices, seeds a wide range organic Without exception, our products are carefully selected from origin performing quality controls at every stage; raw material collection reception to final ...
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    C. Henares 16-18 Velilla De San Antonio

    We are Spanish manufactory with growing prominence in the health & fitness food sector particularly Spain, Portugual and Andorra. Our products marketed under our own brands sold select supermarket chains, gynasiums, para pharmacies, centres stores. ISO certified. offer private label services. ...

    Ctra Constant? Km 2'300

    Founded in 1984. This is a family business, with long tradition and experience the nut oil sector. In 1997, we started our own vegetable refinery. We produce all types of oils, both cold press refined, although specialize production almond highest quality. Our oils are sold wholesale, generally go toward cosmetic pharmaceutical ...