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  • Business Type : Manufacturing
  • Location : -
  • Year Established : 2008
  • Main Markets : Americas,Europe
  • Main Products : Olar Cell
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  • Company Introduction

    China Everspring PV technic Co., Ltd, focusing on the research, manufacture and sale of solar cells of amorphous silicon film, has brought in full sets of equipments and technology for photovoltaic production of international advanced level, and the first-stage project shall realize the production capacity of 50MW, with the first production line of 25MW going into operation in 2009 and a planned yearly production capacity of 200MW available in five years to come.£ £ Located in Hengshui City, southeastern part of Hebei Province which belongs to the economic development zone surrounding Beijing and Tianjin and Bohai Sea, the company enjoys the advantages of the transportation and communication hub of the country and the large-scale distributing centre for the flow of people, materials, and information. Hengshui City, seated in the zone surrounding Beijing and Tianjin and Bohai Sea and along Beijing-Kowloon Raiway, is the intersection of Beijing-Kowloon Raiway and Shijiazhuang-Dezhou Railway, readily connected with Beijing-Guangzhou Raiway and Beijing-Shanghai Railway, and the point where No. 307, No. 106 national highway, Huangshi, Hengyu, Hengde expressway and Daguang expressway meet. The factory area of the company, covering 113 hectares, is situated in the Economic Development Zone of Hengshui City, with Xinqusi Road to the north, Fuyangsan Road to the east and Zhenhuaxin Road to the west. And the Development Zone of Hengshui City, being in the northern part of the city and with Suqing Road to the east, enjoys favorable transportation conditions. £ £ The company belongs to Evergreen Industrial Group of Hebei Province, which, in the process of its development and operation in the sphere of traditional energy, has realized that the conventional energy is not to match the long-term development of human society, *****, as time goes on, the scarcity of fossil fuels has become a highlighted problem and the use of large amount of fossil energy has brought about ever more negative effects upon the environment as well as the global climate. Therefore, it is necessarily needful to develop new environment-friendly energy sources, one of which being the solar energy. The solar PV generation, one means of gaining inexhaustible clean energy, has demonstrated its incomparable advantages and prominent position in the energy field, and is bound to lead the future development of new energy sources. In general, the large-scale development and utilization of solar energy and other types of renewable energy has become the consensus of mankind.£ £ Our company, taking full advantage of the excellent investment environment, favorable location, and rich talents and capital, shall seize the rare opportunity to invest on the project of solar cells of amorphous silicon film by bringing in the advanced international technology, with such goals in mind as taking the leading position with regard to both the market and technology, jointing track with the world-class photovoltaic technology and ranking among the large international enterprises in the solar cell industry through leaping development.£ £ China Everspring PV technic Co., Ltd is to march forward together with you to create a green home and a glorious cause! £ £ Do not , for one repulse , give up the purpose that you resolved to effect .(William Shakespeare , British dramatist)

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