Dermal Korea Co., Ltd.

Company Details

  • Operational Address : Sangdaewon-dong, SKn Techno Park Tech-807, 124, Sagimakgol-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Year Established : 2001
  • Main Markets : Western Europe 11.11% Eastern Asia 11.11% Mid East 11.11%
  • Main Products : Mask Sheet,Nose Strip,Hand Cream,UV Sun Cream, Anti -Wrinkle Skin Toner, Relaxing Cream, Nutrition Wrinkle Care Cream, Beauty Cream,High Lifting Cream, Hydro Gel Eye Patch, Collagen Essence Mask, Hydro Gel Mask, Hydro Gel Mask (25g), Skin Nutrition Cream, Eye Mask,Premium Mask (23g), Mask Sheet (23g), Mask Sheet (20g), UV Sun Cream, Premium Mask, Hand Cream,BB Cream,Nose Cleaning Strips, Mask Sheet,,
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  • Company Introduction

    We are very glad to introduce our company as follows. . Dermal Korea Co. We are a manufacturer and exporter with variety kinds of cosmetic mask sheet in Korea and we are constantly exporting our products to Russia, Turkey, Japan & etc by customer's design or our brand itself and for your reference, please refer our quotation as follows. Therefore, if you are interested in our products, please send us your reply and we will do our best for it..Dermal Korea Factory : 388-34 Jang Ji Dong, Gwang-ju city, Kyunggi-Do, Korea. - Tel / Fax : (+82) 31 766 2608 / 2603 - Website : Sincerely yours.. Dermal KoreaO-song, Kwon / Manager

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. OSONG KWON
  • Department : Sale
  • Job Title : Sales Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : Jang ji dong 388-34
  • Zip/Post Code : 464-070
  • Website :
  • Company Product

      Dermal Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch (1pair / 6g)
      Dermal Rich Mositure Eye Patch (1pair / 6g)
      Dermal Whitening Eye Patch (1pair / 6g)
      Dermal Pearl Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Coenzyme Q10 Essence Mask (23g)
      Dermal Aloe Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Snail Mositure Hand Cream (50g)
      Dermal Herb Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Green Tea Collagen Mask
      Dermal Collagen Essence Mask 33 kinds
      Dermal Cucumber Collagen Mask Sheet
      Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Arbutin Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Moisture Facial Mask for Men
      Dermal Rose Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Strawberry Collagen Essence Mask (23g)
      Dermal Cherry blossoms Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Bamboo Collagen Essence Mask (23g)
      Dermal Vegetable Placenta Collagen Essence Mask (23g)
      Dermal Gold Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Platinum Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Bee Venom Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Syn-ake Collagen Essence Mask
      Dermal Snail Hydro Gel Mask
      Dermal Hydro Syn-ake Gel Mask
      Dermal E.G.F Hydro Gel Mask
      Dermal Collagen Hydro Gel Mask
      Dermal Snail Gold Hydro Gel Eye Patch
      Dermal Syn-ake Hydro Gel Eye Patch
      Syn-ake High Lifting Cream
      Pearl Beauty Cream
      Snail Nutrition Wrinkle Care Cream
      Bee Venom Relaxing Cream
      Special Formula Brightening Absolute Whitening Pure Mask
      Dermal Ruby Healng Essence Mask
      Dermal Arbutin Healing Essence Mask