• Gelecek Evimde LTD

  • Stambul Towels Cesa Kimya

    Yildirim Beyazit Merkez CAD. Akbas Is Merkezi 179 / 3 Yenibosna

    Ce-sa kimya a. S. Was established under ce-sa organization in order to meet the need of refreshing wet wipes for airlines, hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. Where there is a mass consumption.We intended make istanbul's name familiar and promote reputation istanbul stunning views city with our brand ...
  • Sia Medical Textile Ltd

    Kurtulus Mah, Suheda CAD, No: 191 / B

    We produce a number of textiled garments for fashion and medical use. are based in Manisa on the west coast Turkey. Our team has its own designers from Here at Sia we have been making designing support wraps since 1999.Sia looking ways to improve our range make it more modern, stylish practical customers use.Gel packs protected wear ...