• His And Hers Essentials Inc.

    3400 Lakeshore Blvd. W


  • Delizioso Skincare

    980 Adelaide St. South

    Delizioso started, wanting to make the perfect products. They needed be natural, but at same time we wanted them smell, and look utterly delicious, beneficial for skin. Using with what earth gave us came out a line of products "Delizioso". Knowing so many on market, it is very difficult decide will suit your skin, ...
  • Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc.

    2988 Barnes Rd Nanaimo Nanaimo, B.C

    Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. believes in producing world class quality glacial marine clay and products with sustainable procedures that protect the environment, which is evidenced by our harvesting methods. The ecological sensitivity of area deposits demands special attention order to preserve its pristine nature. We work ...
  • Latinum

    1067 marin dr

  • CK Domain Sale

    276 Valley Rd


    7 INGRAM drive, unit 103

    A. SOLAR3-SALES. CORP 7 INGRAM drive, UNIT 103Toronto, ONTARIO, M6M-2L7, Canadaatt; Joseph Eskenazi; VP We are import / export in BRAND-NAME, COSMETIC, HEALTH & BEAUTY. PERFUME, ORIGINAL ONLY, . we buy by truck loadwe are buyer and seller of brand name WWW.USACANADASTOCK. COM
  • Rosemarie Boucher, Mary Kay Cosmetics Consultant

    106 Kingswood Drive

    The main goal is to enrich women lives. Offering complete skin care products for all type. Our are formulated individuals with normal dry skin, oily teen aged and blemish prone skin. line of fights lines wrinkles. Plus, we have the best colour cosmetics on market. All can be sampled before purchase. And, always look out people join ...
  • Cosmetiques France Laure

    quebecmontreal11970 albert hudo

    Our company manufactures high standard quality products with visible results oriented. We take care of each level of production: development of specific product, printing of containers, production, bottling, marketing, educational documentation and seminar.
  • Deemalor Canada Co.

    79 Barrydale Cres.

    We are the Manufacturer of following fine products: ALL MADE IN Canada1-Moisturizing Skin and Body Creams & Lotions. 2-Hair Styling Gel. 3-Foam Bubble Bath. 4-Baby personal Care Products (Johnson Johnson Equivalent Type) . 5-Herbal Shampoo. (Herbal Essences Equivalent) 6-Anti-Dandreuff 7-Vaporizing Chest Rub. (Vicks ...
  • Claudia Lenti

  • Willo Hair And Skin Care Company

    205 Fairmont Drive

    WE are a family run business incorporating 30 years of hair designing with manufacturing our own and skin care product line called "Willo"WilloFace hand body LotionMain Active IngredientsWillow herbSince time immemorial, the peoples forest regions Canada have used juices Canadian Willow herb Epilobium ...
  • Quality Medical Regulations Service

    196 Annapolis Circle

    Quality medical regulation services equipped to provide you with the following: 1. we can be your designated party act on behalf health Canada. 2. handle all communications Canada (or any other regulatory or governmental body) , this might include, but not limited to: We prepare and sign quality assurance report by a qualified ...
  • Good Quality Product


  • Han River Grou


  • Global Garment


    Global Garments is specilizes in selling and buying of home appliances in Canada. We are located in Ontario
  • Aureus Spa

    2865 Granville Street

  • Inventoryoverload

    Canada Toronto,

    We are looking for wholesale or retail buyers. significant players in the �loseout�business and we deal primarily BRANDED first quality goods following categories: footwear, apparel (lots of clothing), sporting goods, health beauty (HBA) a variety other hard goods. almost always directly with brands owner The majority ...
  • Resan Water Distribution Ltd.

    1747 East 8th Avenue

    We are a newly established natural mineral water distributor. At Universe Water, we analyse and publish the precise contents of the water with impartial testing from a private 3rd party lab in Canada.