4F 5-6-24, Nakasu, Hakata-ku

    Our main products are high quality Japanse food.We have a lot of business connection with companies that provides variety food materials, Seasonings, retort foods .We also our own specialized to non-chemical-seasoning such as soup powder, kefir, rooibos tea.We looking forward establishing relationships you in the near ...
  • IF CO.,LTD

    3-3-17, Hanazono

    How do you do?My name is called IF, Inc.We are started with raising beauty of Japan.`SIMPLE EXTRAVAGANT`The secret in oneself. Eating habits and a lifestyle,face each other the heart, skin, body.You polite every day. It together from skin care. I would like to discover pleasure. Please let me help. ...
  • Intercrossjapa

    Kita-ku Kita24 zyou

  • Fukuda Construction Co.,Ltd.


  • Plantec Co., Ltd.

    707 Kurose

    Since our establishment in 1987, we have increased corporation competitiveness with affluent experience and know-how, supplying industrial facilities to vendors, from major home appliance manufacturers like Samsung Electronics, Inc. To foreign Mexico,China,Thailand,Spain,Egypt,Indiaandetc.In addition, for recent ...

    3-20-2 Sakura

    Hokkaido life-style is becoming a hot topic in recent years. The reason lies the abundant food resources from ocean and mountains of Hokkaido.In order to enhance image Hokkaido, as well promote brand with its eating style life style, make it be widely accepted Southeast Asia, our company, Ltd, established number excellent ...

    3F, 2-17-1, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku

    -Company policyThrough health foods which emphasize the key phrases, 'health', 'environment', and 'safety', we want to give everyone a 'smiling' present stems from warmth of our relationship. overviewEstablished in 1998240 employees-Corporate structure-Health ...
  • MARKeTin Ltd.

    2-7-4 Aomi


    2-6 Kandasuda-cho

  • Kosoku Tradex Center

    3-21-7 Chuo

    Manufacture cosmetic, beauty & health products in Japan, with qualified professional staffs and germ-free production facilities. Factory Lab Offices JapanWelcome private brand OEM. Customers consignment possible; thus the finished product will be " Made Japan ". Supply Hight Quality Cosmetic Ingredients. ...
  • Zhang Yi

  • Iris Consulting Ltd.

    Ks Building 3f, Ichikawa 3-29-7

    A moment for skin's rebirth-keeping you beautiful from birth to eternityWe "Irismiel Consulting Ltd. " got the exclusivess a leading Japaness cosmetic company and would like be best business partner with you. has two offices. The head office is in Seoul, Korea. And branch Tokyo, Japan. Esp. For those who are ...
  • Kowa Trade And Commerce Co., Ltd.

    No. 10-6, Mita 2-Chome

    Kowa Trade and Commerce Co., Ltd is a comprehensive import export trading company established in 1993, based Tokyo, Japan. The main business scope of the exporting quality health products from Japan to overseas customers. In addition products, our also exports raw materials used produce manufacturers Asia. Almost all goods are ...

    80-1 Tadono Kokacho

    Challenging ourselves to create better quality, development, manufacturing, and sales. Contributing the world.Since its founding in 1926, our firm has been committed contributing people's health wellbeing. We carry on these traditions and, as company name implies Japanese, we strive something new every day. ...
  • Mikos Apparel Co. Ltd


    4-24-1-11 ,jindaijikitamachi

  • Alternatives Plu

    7979 NW 21st Street, Kin487

    We at Global Light Network are pleased to present our exciting array of products and services. Our primarily offered through Web site http: Caribbean. Globallight. NetAs customer, we will serve you in your quest for cutting-edge better health wellness. motto is WELLNESS THROUGH AWARENESS.We have hundreds unsolicited, ...
  • Swiss Marketing Service Ltd

    2-5-5 Kiyosumi

    SMS Swiss Marketing Services is a registered and independent business representative & services company. We provide regional sales support for small medium sized companies manufacturers with marketing presence operations close to the customers in Japan. Specialized import export between Switzerland European Countires ...

    5F, 2-13-10, Kyobashi

    Refre was founded 20 years ago.With approximately 5 billion in annual sales, our products have been used regularly by many customers for years. Almost all are made Japan. We receive orders from numerous bothRefre's product lineup consists of over 80 products. is engaged research-based development.By thoroughly ...


    Flexia Co., Ltd. has been working on the project, manufacturing, and wholesale of cosmetics for exclusive use esthetics salon which make effect our original 'Na-no current beauty equipment' pseudo living body ( Na-no Current trademark acquired) with an shape waves equipment to its maximum since establishment in ...