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  • SIA Himalaya Herbal Healthcare (Latvia)

    A. Chaka-33

    Since our inception in 1930, we have focused on developing safe, natural and innovative herbal products that will help people lead richer, healthier lives. Our been scientifically formulated are manufactured with pharmaceutical-grade processes and, feel, the absolute best formulations for maintaining a youthful healthy ...

    Main activity of Kupena company is import, wholesale and retail sales cosmetics, Biapharma products pharmaceutical semi products.Wide assortment, years experience, employee professionalism cordiality are the basic recommendations for this successful company. offers private label companys.More information to us:1. ...
  • Riga Soap Manufacture LTD

    11A Katlakalna str.

    The company "Riga Soap Manufacture" was established in Riga (Latvia) 2004. Nowadays this is one of the cosmetic companies which are developing impetuously country. In 2005 became official member international Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild (USA).The assortmant absolutely handmade. It helps to join careful ...
  • Vintage Candella, Sia

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    VINTAGE CANDELLA produces designer candles of 100% natural soy wax in Vintage style.VINTAGE uses organic wooden wicks. When burning wicks emit soothing crackling and pleasant aroma. - it is environmentally friendly! Wooden are made from trees grown the United States, where practicing reforestation. Instead every cuted down ...