• RBA Kamil Sproch

    ul.1 Armii WP 9/9

  • Przedsiebiorstwo Produkcyjno-Uslugowo-Handlowe DADI-PLAST

    Bydgoskich Olimpijczykow 16

    Cleaning products are the main assortment produced and they grouped as follows: - washing rinsing products-washing powders, gels, liquids concentrates. body care products-shampoo, liquid soap, conditioners, balm, babble bath liquids- moreover for-dish care, toilet, window cleaning, sewage pipe bleaching liquids, ...

    Pomorskiegdanskzywiecka 2 C

    I would like to introduce you the collection of Larosett products by Naturmedicin. Lerosett is a product Sweden, clinically tested resarchers in Scandinavia. Many alongside with customers have praised our for its efectivenes and perfect skin treatment. Faboulous results been expierianced testing Lerosett. formulated, used ...
  • Joodie Store

    Staroscinska 10/12

    Joodie European Store is selling mainly Health and Beaty products made in Poland, we sell Ziaja Cosmetics, DAX Slimming Creams, Skin Care located Warsaw the capital of Poland..We are Shipping for worldwide, also can make special wholesale deals. ...

    Pojezierska 99

  • Tanimperia Robert Niemiec Sp.k.

  • Ina Trade

    Bartycka 26

  • Michal Skorski

    Chlopickiego 2c/1


    Wyszyna Rudzka 30B

  • P.P.H.U. Snails Garde

    Rydzowka 13/2, Paslek, warminsko-mazurskie, Poland,14-400

    Snails Garden is a Farm, which since 2003 issuccessfully breeding African snails and providing trainings inthis field.Snails Company, whose headquarter in Polish Warmia andMazury, the undisputed leader foreign markets.After several years of successful business breeding,selection processing snails, we are able to offer ...
  • Instalatorstwo Elektryczne Wojciech Golumski


    Golumski company can professionally produce cosmetic goods. Now we have built our own factory and joint venture which totally cover more than 100, 000 square meters. We employ over 1, workers insist on the management principle of "the profit client is as same to us, success success". The products novelty styles great ...
  • Medacol Sp. Z O.o.

    A small company from South West Poland operating in the cosmetic sector produces and sells active sea fish-based collagen based products. After few years of preparations, researches detailed studies entered market with collagen+ series. It is characterised by high content natural obtained skin Norwegian salmon, fish that ...
  • Beta Trading

    Zwyciezcow 30 / 3

  • Kosmetyki DLA Sp. Z O.o.

  • Doris Dorin Studio Wellne

    Rynek 13 a

    Wellness Studio Doris Dorin is a unique place - Day Spa near Cracow in Poland.We have anticellulite and antiaging treatment our Studio.Our company cooperate with Weyergans High Care Centre, Bernard Cassiere Paris, Even of Switzerland.Also we are cosmetics distributor ( polish foreign cosmetics companies) regional ...
  • Polpak Sp.zo.o.

    Stagiewna 2 C

    Polpak is a leading company on the Polish market with over 20 years experience in packaging industry. We are specialized distributing closures and cosmetic packagings. High customer service professionalism we provide, led us top among all companies, which run business this scope.We offer e.g. atomizers, lotion pumps, trigger ...

    Tasmowa 1