Via Rocco Benini 8

    Tecniwork has been operative in the fields of pedicure, cosmetics, orthopedy and podology for more than 25 years, producing distributing various equipment, chairs cabinets podological consulting rooms beauty centres, but also supplying a large range items, from simple bandage, polymer gel, to furniture, meet all needs with ...
  • Marigey Business Srl

    Via dell'Artigianato 8

    Marigey Business is a leading Italian export, wholesaler, distributor company in the food and beauty sector. Our office located Monte Urano (FERMO), Italy.Prevalently we have business Italy, East Europe, Middle other foreign countries. main products are part of skin - lighter line made with Active Oxygen,that renews ...
  • Ce.M.O.N. Srl

    Viale Gramsci 16

  • Terme Alte Di Rivisondoli

    We are a SPA resort located in Central Italy. Our clients come here to bath our water wich is very particular and unique water. It contains an enzyme that has strong moisturizing anti age power.We use this produce all products, so people can enjoy benefits on everyday life.Our products not adverage but high quality because of the ...