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    The new seductive fragrance from Dior, Addict, is formed as afruity floral and designed for "dazzling young womanwith class." Indulges the senses with sumptuous flowers, silk tree,sweet bourbon vanilla combined tonka bean sandalwood,causing a feeling of passion in woman who wears it. Thecomposition based on "night queen" - ...
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    Brand perfumes , high copies turkey origin , not chinese or dubaish fakes.International shipping via ups or regular mail , accept sample mix orders.All brand high quality perfumes.
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    For centuries the rose has been symbol of beauty, grace, luxury and passion. It travelled world bearing message 창��I love you창��, 창��Thank 창��Do not forget me창��. Red&Gold Perfumes are proud to say that Bulgaria is a major producer highest quality oil, averaging more than 3 tons per year. The oil ...
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