Fujian Huihua Group Southeast Cylinder Liner Co., Ltd.

Company Details

  • Operational Address : No. 6, Huihua Industry Zone, Sanyuan Dist., Sanming, Fujian, China (Mainland)
  • Business Type : Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Location : Fujian, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established : 1997
  • Main Markets : Eastern Asia 55.00% Mid East 15.00% Eastern Europe 12.00%
  • Main Products : Cylinder Liner,Piston,Silicon Metal,Hydropower,Silicon Metal,Mix, Liner, Piston,Cylinder Liner & Piston, Parts For CAT Engine Series, Parts For YUCHAI Engine Series, Parts For DACHAI Engine Series, Parts For XICHAI Engine Series, Parts For YUNNEI Engine Series, Parts For WEICHAI Engine Series, Parts For STYER Engine Series, Parts For YANGCHAI Engine Series, Parts For SHANGCHAI Engine Series, Parts For CHAOCHAI Engine Series, Parts For YANMAR Engine Series, Parts For JOHN DEERE Engine Series, Parts For DEUTZ Engine Series, Parts For MTZ Engine Series, Parts For PERKINS Engine Series, Parts For TOYOTA Engine Series, Parts For NISSAN Engine Series, Parts For HINO Engine Series, Parts For MAZDA Engine Series, Parts For ISUZU Engine Series, Parts For MITSUBISHI Engine Series, Parts For KOMATSU Engine Series, Parts For DAIHATSU Engine Series, Parts For SUZUKI Engine Series, Parts For KIA Engine Series, Parts For HYUNDAI Engine Series, Parts For DEAWOO Engine Series, Parts For SSANGYONG Engine Series, Parts For RENAULT Engine Series, Parts For MAN Engine Series, Parts For BENZ Engine Series, Parts For SCANIA Engine Series, Parts For VOLVO Engine Series, Parts For PEUGEOT Engine Series, Parts For MACK Engine Series, Parts For IVECO Engine Series, Parts For FIAT Engine Series, Parts For DAF Engine Series, Parts For Cummins Engine Series, ,
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  • Company¬†Introduction

    Founded in 1997, Fujian Huihua Group is a large-scale corporation specialized in developing hydropower generating and manufacturing of photovoltaic materials such as silicon metal and so on, automobile cylinder liner, piston, and machinery products.For the Cylinder liner company, we have 360 staffs, of which 68 are technical personnels. We have 3 production bases strategically located in Fujian and Anhui province, China. As of 2013, our annual capacity of cylinders totaled 10 million Pieces.We believed in Innovation and Integrity. With the application of technology from Daewoo, Doosan CNC machine center of South Korea and compliance to TS 16949 Management System have accomplished 2 national scientific research projects, 5 provincial and 5 municipal level research projects, as well as 9 patented technology.Zhenkang Huihua Silicon Co., Ltd. was invested and founded by Zhenkang Huihua Hydropower Investment Co., Ltd in Yunnan Province. On August 15, 2007, the company was approved to set up by the Zhenkang County Industrial and Commercial Authority with registered capital of 20 million RMB. With sound organization, it was set up in accordance with the Companies Act. It is mainly engaged in silicon refining and sale; self-running and being an agent of all kinds of goods and technology as well as importing and exporting border trade business and domestic trade business. The silicon metal smelting projects is invested with total amount of 200 million RMB and 60 million RMB of liquidity. The construction consists of four phases, the first phase construction with 12500KVA * 2 units operated in October 2007, the second phase construction with 12500KVA * 2 units operated in August 2008, the thrid construction projects with 12500KVA * 2 units operated in May 2010 and the fourth phase project with 12500KVA * 2 sets, completed and operated in August 2011, now becoming an annual production scale of 40,000 tons of silicon.The main products are: 2501, 3303, 441, 421 and 553. These five types of silicon metal products account for more than 96% of total sales market demand.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. Royal Jiang
  • Department : Sales
  • Job Title : Business Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : No.6, Huihua Industry Park, Sanming City, Fujian Province, P.R.China
  • Zip/Post Code : 365002
  • Website : http://fjhuihua.en.alibaba.com http://www.fjhhjt.com/
  • Company¬†Product

      Cylinder Liner for Japanese Truck Mitsubishi Engine S4E2
      Cylinder Sleeve/Liner S4S for Mitsubishi Truck Spare Part Me200685
      Semi-finished Cylinder Sleeve/Liner 4M40 Diameter 94mm for Mitsubishi Diesel Truck Part
      Engine Cylinder Sleeve 4D56 for Mitsubishi Engine Spare Part Diameter 91mm
      Semi finished Cylinder Liner for Mitsubishi 4G54
      Cylinder Liner for Mitsubishi 4D56 with Flange & Without Flange
      Truck Parts Cylinder Liner for Japanese Mitsubishi Engine 4D55
      Forklift Engine Cylinder Liners 4G64 semi-finished for Vehicles
      Cylinder Sleeve/Liner 4G63 for Mitsubishi Diesel Truck Part Without Flange
      Cylinder Sleeve/Liner 4DQ5 for Mitsubishi Truck Engine Hot Sale
      Engine Cylinder Liner for Mitsubishi 4D68
      Semi-finished Cylinder Liner for Mitsubishi 4D65
      Spare Parts Cylinder Liner Used for Japanese Mitsubishi Engine 4G68
      Cylinder Liner for Mitsubishi 4D65
      Truck Accessories Cylinder Liner for Japanese Mitsubishi Engine 4G33
      Engine Cylinder Liner for Mitsubishi 4G62
      Cylinder Liner for Japanese Truck Mitsubishi Engine 4G32
      Spare Engine Parts for Mitsubishi Forklift Semi-finished 4G33
      Mazda T3500 Cylinder Liner SL101-10-311
      Truck Accessories Cylinder Liner of Japanese Mazda Engine T3500
      Cylinder Liner for Mazda E2500
      Engine Parts Cylinder Sleeve of Japanese Truck Mazda Engine 626 B2000 ALF1092
      Spare Parts Cylinder Sleeve Used for Japanese Mazda Engine 626(short) ALF4066
      Cylinder Sleeve of Japanese Mazda Engine 323(short) ALF88
      Cylinder Liner/Sleeve Mazda Engine Spare Part 323(short) ALF88
      Cylinder Liner for Mazda 323 500cc ALF498
      2D(new)/DA118 Spare Engine Parts for Forklift
      Forklift Engine 2D/DA115 Cylinder Liner
      Spare Parts Cylinder Liner Used for 3B
      Cylinder Liner/Sleeve 14B for 11462-58040
      Auto Factory Diesel Engine 13B Cylinder Liner Parts Part No (11461-58020)
      Cylinder Liner/Sleeve 2B for 11461-57010
      Engine 11B Cylinder Liner for (11462-56060)
      Cylinder Liner/Sleeve B(old) /BU30 for 11461-56020
      Spare Parts Cylinder Liner Used for B(new)
      99B Semi finished Cylinder Liner