Guangzhou Folangsi Co., Ltd.

Company Details

  • Operational Address : Room 102, No. 13, Bangyan Road, East Bangjiang Village, Dalong Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Business Type : Trading Company
  • Location : Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established : 2007
  • Main Markets : Domestic Market 40.00% Southeast Asia 7.00% North America 6.00%
  • Main Products : Forklift Trucks,Forklift Parts,Forklift Attachments,Forklift Radiator, Forklift Clutch Cover, Warehouse Euipment, Forklifts,KBZ-U, KBZ-T, Standard Parts,Drive System,Engine Parts,Transmission Parts,Hydraulic Parts,Steering Parts,Brake Parts,Mast Parts, Filters,Cooling Parts,Chassis Parts And Others, Electrical Parts,Electric Forklift Parts, FB SERIES, Tyres And Rims, Forklift Attachments,Drum Clamps, Molding Machinery, ,
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  • Company¬†Introduction

    Folangsi Machine Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive forklift service enterprise, specialized in Forklift spare parts wholesale and retail both nationally and internationally, Forklift sales, Repairs and Rentals.The company founded in Match 2001, through over 10 years development, owns 1 headquarters, 7 management centers, 4 business units and hundreds branches, over thousand employees with its annual sales over USD $64,000,000.00 and capital more than tens of millions US dollars.The headquarters located at Guangzhou backyard garden-Panyu district is quite convenient with the New Guangzhou Railway Station.With years professional integrity sales and service, we win trusts of domestic and international customers and suppliers, have become the main distributor for world brands forklift parts in China and even the whole world.With the International perspective, Innovative spirit, Reputation-based management and Customer orientation, Folangsi builds on its dominant position in China and serves the whole world, dedicated to provide customers with quality service and reasonable price to thank all in this industry worldwide.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Ms. Jessica Fan
  • Department : Marketing
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : No.13, Bangyan Road, Bangjiangdong, Shiji Town, Panyu District
  • Zip/Post Code : 511450
  • Website :
  • Company¬†Product

      Top Quality Forklift Parts FUSE used for 7FD35~50,8FD20~30,7FG35~50,8FG20~30 with OEM 7.5A,80982-76042-71
      Forklift Parts Ignition Switch used for FD20~25MC(F18B),FD15~50,FG15~50 with OEM 91106-07400
      Forklift Part Wheel Rim used for FD50~70(10 hole);JAC CPCD50~70 with OEM 25784-40301
      Forklift Part Wheel Rim used for FD30,FB30-7;TEU FD30;CPCD30~35;CPCD30~35 with OEM 24454-40221,54458-82201,24454-40222G
      Forklift Part Wheel Rim used for 7FB10~25 with OEM 44120-23321-71
      Forklift Parts Cap,Rear Axle Hub used for FB10~30/-6/-7,FD10-18T12/C12/T19/C19 with OEM 22194-32361 made in china
      Forklift part Hub,rear axle for H2.50~3.00DX with OEM 2028834
      Forklift spare Part Repair Kit, Power Cylinder used for HC XF series CPCD20-35 with OEM XF250-223000-000-kit
      Folangsi Forklift Parts Contactor for HL H2000 series CPD20~25-C2/F2,CPD20~25L-C2/F2 with OEM SW182B-537T made in china
      Forklift Part EPS Actuator Assy(incl.motor) used for FB20~25EX-8,FB20~25EX-11 with OEM 3BB-34-41210
      Folangsi Forklift Parts Filter,Hyd Return used for HL H2000 series,CPCD10~35,CPC10~35 with OEM H24C7-50201,H24C7-50201-G00
      Folangsi Forklift Parts Nozzle Assembly used for 4D92E,4D94E,4D94LE,4D98E with OEM YM129931-53000,YM129901-53001
      Forklift part Valve Spring(OUTSIDE) used for 4D92E,94E/LE,4TNE92/94/98 with OEM 129900-11120
      Forklift Part Rod, Valve Push used for 6BG1 with OEM Z-1-12575-036-0
      Forklift spare Parts Master Cylinder used for FD20~30Z5/Z3/V/T3C,FG20~30N3/N5 with OEM 25595-40301,25595-40302,30CYH53-40000
      Forklift Parts Parking Brake Cable used for FG20~25T3/C3/T4/T4C/T13/T14/C13/C14 LH with OEM 271G3-72001
      Forklift Parts Parking Brake Cable used for FD20~25T3/C3/T4/T4C/T13/T14/C13/C14 with OEM 22N53-72001
      Forklift Parts Inching Cable used for FD20~25N(CF18C),FD30~35N(CF14E) with OEM 91A51-13200
      Forklift Parts Needle Bearing used for FD20-25MC(F18B)/FD30MC(F14C) with OEM 64343-50400
      Folangsi Forklift Parts Tilt Cylinder used for HL H2000 CPCD20-30(RH) with OEM H22N0-50091
      Forklift Parts Mast Roller used for FD50-70Z8 with OEM 22658-22401
      Forklift Parts Combination Switch used for 1~3.5T
      Forklift parts Water Outlet used for 4Y/5-8FG with OEM 16321-UB010(16321-78150-71)
      Forklift Parts Fuel Cut Solenoid for HYSTER with OEM 1457906
      Forklift Part Engine Overhaul used for 5K/7FG with OEM 04111-20310-71
      Folangsi Forklift Parts Main Bearing used for S4S +0.75 with OEM 32A09-00040
      Forklift Parts Hub And Drum used for FD20~25T6/Z5/T3C/T3C-A,FG20~25T6/N5 with OEM 239A3-02001,HC239A3-02001A
      Forklift Parts Hub And Drum used for FB10~18-7/-8/-V/-7W,FD10~18T12/C12/T19/C19/C13/T13 with OEM HC216G3-02051B,216G3-02051
      Folangsi Forklift Parts Main Bearing used for 11Z/5FD33-45 with OEM 11705-78330-71
      Forklift Parts Valve Guide for 5K with OEM 11122-76009-71
      Forklift Parts Drive Shaft used for FD35~50T8/C8/T9/C9/T2/C2/T3/C3 with OEM 224W3-02011
      Forklift parts Radiator Hose, Upper for 4D94LE/FD20~30-16 with OEM 3EB-04-52130 made in china
      forklift parts Shoe Hold Pin Kit used for 7FD35~45,7FG35~45,7FDA50,7FGA50
      Forklift Parts Exhaust pipe for HL H2000 series 2~3.5T/K21,K25 with oem H24C2-30201
      Forklift Parts Exhaust pipe for HL H2000 series 2~3.5T/A490BPG-76with OEM H9G32-30201
      Forklift Parts Gas Spring used for HELI CDD12~16-950 used for R960-430009-G00