Guangzhou Kangfei Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

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  • Operational Address : No. 88, Anle Road, 7th Community, Jinpen Village, Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun Dist., Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Business Type : Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Location : Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established : 2004
  • Main Products : Facial Masks,Hair Care Products,Nail Polishing Products, Make-up Products,Body Care Products,Foot Cream,Nail Products,Nail Art Paint, Nail Polish,Manicure Tools,Skin Care,Eye Care,Skin Care Set,Remove Acne Product, Face & Body Whitening Cream, Hand And Foot Care, Body Skin Care,Facial Skin Care,Toiletries,Hair Care Products,Mini Hand Sanitizer, Make Up,Trimming Stick, BB Cream,Lipstick,Eyebrow Pencil,Eye-liner, Make Up Remove Cotton, CC Air Cushion, Cosmetic Tools,Essential Oil & Handmade Soap, ,
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  • Company Introduction

    The company KANG FEI for more than a decade, is one of the leading manufacturers of traditional Chinese cosmetology.Joint production Association of KANG FEI was founded in 2003, it was in this year the company management has led to the idea of development, research and production of cosmetic products for the pharmaceutical basis. Selecting the application in the production-the combination of Traditional Chinese medicine, the skillful use of the riches of nature and modern technology, and most importantly putting the emphasis on product quality, the company KANG FAI rapidly gained momentum in the PRC and in 2007 published in the foreign market.Thanks to the quality of manufactured products, as well as the pricing policy of the enterprise,to date, the company KANG FEI successfully supplying cosmetic products in a wide range not only in Russia, but in Poland, Ukraine ,as well as in the Asia-Pacific and CIS.We have a high level of production and meets all the required standards!The composition of our cosmetics are plant and mineral substances, as careful attention is paid to the quality of the products that are used in the production of cosmetic substances. Derived from recent laboratory studies, Cordyceps sinensis(Cordyceps sinensis) is found in many cosmetic products. Company is engaged in extensive research, looking for the best solutions and improving technologies to create a modern and safe products demanded by the market and consumers.The company KANG FEI extensive and has several of its brands ALEX,Tzu Lan Shui Li Fang and the most famous in the cosmetic markets of China and beyond that XI FEI SHI,the products under this brand and will be presented in this catalog.Collection XI FEI SHI is a huge range of cosmetic products of excellent quality, first of all this caring series for the face, hands, feet, body, herbal-based, biologically activated gold and silver, mineral, fruit and essential oils, scrubs, tonics, lotions, peels, anti-aging cream for face and eye area with natural collagen and herbs of traditional Chinese medicine moisturizing cream based on hyaluronic acid and natural active ingredients to retain moisture in skin cells. Particularly popular are all different face masks from XI FEI SHI.and of course the series for the treatment of acne and its consequences is a special pride of the company KANG FEI.This directory contains the whole range of XI FEI SHI .more information can be found on the company's website.

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  • Contact Person : Ms. ava lin
  • Department : Director/CEO/General Manager
  • Job Title : Sales Manager
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  • Address : No.88, Anle Road, 7th Street, Jinpen Village,Zhongluotan Town,Baiyun District
  • Zip/Post Code : 510000
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  • Company Product

      Best Mineral Collagen Serum for Face Hyaluronic acid Gold Essence Liquid
      2017 Hot Selling 100g Natural Organic Plant Red Hair Dye
      XIFEISHI Private Label Wholesale High Quality More Color Nail Polish 7.5ml
      Chemical 10%, 20%, 30% Essence Hydroquinone Hyaluronic Acid , Freckle Remover Moisturizer and Whitening Cream
      Chemical 10%, 20%, 30% Essence Hydroquinone Hyaluronic Acid , Freckle Remover Moisturizer and Whitening Cream
      Disposable Cosmetics Remover Water Cleansing Facial Make Up Remover Paper
      Injection Packing Type Pearl Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Face Cream Repair Skin 10ml
      Nature Beauty Essence Hyaluronic Acid 30% whitening Facial and Body Cream/Lotion
      Best Bio-Gold Whitening Pure with Chinese Herbs of Moisturizer and Firming BB Cream
      XIFEISHI Glycerin Anti-Aging for Face of Chemical Moisturizing Lotion
      OEM Anti Aging organic serum for skin around eyes essence moisturizing High quality
      Private label facial acne treatment serum skin rejuvenation remove acne essence
      OEM ODM Skin Care Natural Plant Extract Anti-acne Repairing Treatment Serum HIGH EFFECT
      XIFEISHI Natural Remove Acne Effective Acne Treatment Moisturizer
      Basic Cleaning the Body Whitening Bath of Handmade Soap and Essential Oils
      OEM ODM Anti-Wrinkle Deep Pore Cleansing Natural Charcoal Bamboo Extract for Face Black Mask.
      HOT! Natural Ingredient Remove Acne EFFECTIVE TREATMENT 2017!
      OEM/ODM Anti-Wrinkle For Rapid Rejuvenation Peptide Moisturizing Whitening Freckle Remover Face Serum
      2017 Best Anti-Wrinkle 3D New Hyaluronic Acid Serum
      OEM/ODM Hot Sell Cucumber Extract with Whitening and Skin Revitalizer for Body and Face Cream
      Anti-aging Exfoliator for Body and Face Cream Green Tea + Collagen Moisturizes
      OEM Double-ended Contour Waterproof Concealer Stick And Highlighter Stick Make Up
      OEM Best factory price Deep Cleansing Black Mask Purifying Peel off Facial Mask 100ML Blackhead Acne Remover Natural Face Mask
      OEM ODM natural charcoal black head facial bamboo black mask for face deep cleansing Hot sale 2017!
      NEW ! Wholesale Plastic Cosmetic Tube CC Air Cushion Cream BEST QUALITY
      Hot Sale Bio-Gold Whitening Pure BB Cream with Chinese Herbs
      Ginger hair mask 101-Prevent Loss and strengthen the roots BEST QUALITY 2017
      NEW ! Hair Growth Activating Mask 101 Universal BEST FACTORY PRICE
      PROFESSIONAL CARE Long lasting Permanent Hair Dye Cream 12 Colors Hair Coloring
      NEW Permanent Hair Dye With Private Label 12 color!
      OEM Permanent Hair Dye 12 COLOR BEST HAIR COLORING
      2017 OEM Permanent hair dye cream. rich palette of colors HIGH QUIALITY
      PROFESSIONAL CARE Long lasting Permanent Hair Dye Cream 12 Colors Hair Coloring
      OEM Exfoliating and Moisturizing peeling Foot Mask, Socks with "Slik heels"+Cream