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  • Happy International

    Kottebe, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,21977code1000

    We are Happy International based in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia. member of since September, 2008. Our business is related to Agriculture industry and we specifically deal animal products (beef). Please find our product details below:Tantalum, Dolomite, KaolinThese three minerals ready be shiped they the finest ...
  • Ethio Calgarian Trading (PLC)

    New Bright tower bole medhanialem

  • Bethel International Trading Enterprise

    Lafto Nefias Silk, Near Vatican Embassy

    We would like to take this opportunity introduce our company bethel international trading enterprise (bite) a private involving in export of oil seeds, (humeratypesofsesameseeds, wellega type sesame Niger seeds) , pulses (hoursebeans, chick pes, white pea beans red kidney beans) spice (blackcumin turmeric dry ginger, ...
  • Sahlu Trading Ent.

    P.O.Box 6907 Addis Ababa,

    A manufacturing and trading company.
  • Labora International Trading Plc

    Near Tebenja yazi bank Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa

    Labora is a major importer,exporter and commision agents of Medical equipment ,medical supplies,and diagnostics in Afria based Ethiopia.Laboa imports quality medical products from known manufacturers.Labora distrbuts acts as agent to other African Countries.we invite import enquiries especially on diagnostic reagents ...


  • Ashraf Ethiopia Civet Musk Exporter

    gofa mebrat, block 14, house 36, laphto sub city

    Ashraf Civet Musk P.L.C is an Ethiopian based export company. We specialize in Civet Musk and Civet Coffee productions. We can deliver any amount required through an express mail.

    Sidist killo, Addis Ababa, Wolaita Arbaminch, Ethiopia,5722

    an ethiopian based moringa leaf powder supplir , and we will expanthe export toworld market by increasing production volume
  • Netsanet Denekew General Import And Export

    Bisrate Gebriel

    Our company is Netsanet Denekew Import and Export Ltd based in Ethiopia, East Africa. Ethiopia the top most country livestock population We export cow horns full length or tips of different colors (white, black & brown) length. large amounts to China, India USA. prices depend on what color .We also do CIF. are very flexible can ...
  • Chencha Agro Industry

    Chencha, Arbaminch, Ethiopia,80443

    Chencha Agro Industry is the Main producer and exporter of moringa and processed moringa products. We additionally have a yoghurt factory and export Yoghurt
  • Olomoring

    D Road, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Ethiopia,55386

    Moringa……..Moringaoleifera tree have been reported to demonstrateantioxidant activity due its high amount ofpolyphenols.Moringaoleifera extracts of both mature and tender leaves exhibitstrong antioxidant against free radicals, preventoxidative damage major biomolecules, give ...
  • Yongtai Offal Processing Plc

    kirkos kifle ketema

  • Yidinat Trading PLC

    Bole sub city wereda 13 house no 1303/2 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa city Govrnment

    My company is an exporter of moringa oleifera leaf powder. If there are any buyers contact us.Our leaves are dried using patented low temperature to preserve the nutrients.the powder is packed with plastic jam each contains 250 gm of moringa oleifera leaf powder.
  • Lg Essentials Trading


    Civet paste is an animal derivative. The called a civet cat. Its natural perfume fixative. Perfume makers have been using it for many years. We are producers and exporters of this ethiopian paste. can supply very high quality musk. Samples free. Please do not hesitate to contact us more information. also big Khat. written spelled ...
  • Nesia Pharmaceuticals Ltd

    t Paul, ADDIS ABABA, ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia,482

    We are one of the leading importers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, equipment, instrument in Ethiopia.
  • Llifepharma

    Addisu gebeya street Addis Ababa ADDIS ABABA, Addis ababa

    We are doing business the safest way. any one who can ready for the motto can join us and can do fruitful busine
  • Fejrudin Sherif Abdurahma Exporter

    Lafto Sub City

    The company which we have is pass in many success runs various project. Civet farm one of these.Our started the civet on 1993 still now there a follow up about animals healthy and proper handling by ethiopian forester wild life consetvation authority experts with foreign conservation organization annually four times, mentioned ...
  • Quana International Trading PLC

    Tanzania, Addis ababa, Ethiopia,34738

    We are importes and distributors of medical products in Ethiopia for arround four years.We have also sister companies involved similar business.We interested direct import as well commissioning the sales (***** participating tenders ¦ on your behalf) raw packaging materials finished human veterinary pharmaceuticals, ...
  • Rita Agro Industry And Poultry Farm PLC

    ole road

    The company deals with mainly agricultural products and small scale agro processing industries.
  • Queen Of The South Botanical

    Other, Ethiopia

    We are a company based in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. Southern Ethiopia is home to the finest Moringa Stenopetala, The Other Nutritional Variety of Moringa. currently Export Leaf Powder as well seeds. In future we hope offer Oil and other botanical products from Our Grown Organically processed with high quality standards. ...