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  • Operational Address : No.182, Sec.4 Wenxin Rd., Taiwa
  • Business Type : Trading Company
  • Location : Taiwa
  • Year Established : 2007
  • Main Products : Foot Exfoliating Mask, Foot Mask,Foot Exfoliating Make,
  • Links : Taiwan Beauty & Personal Care, Taiwan Skin Care, Taiwan Foot Skin Care,
  • Company Introduction

    Kiss YoungShare is happy! Chinese old saying, people's feet is known as "the body's second heart", people are getting old first of first on foot, closely related to human health. A gentle, effective, innovative foot care formula has exported from Taiwan to Europe and America region since 2009. The repeat orders of million packs and positive customer satisfactions proved the product safety, effect, stability, and high quality by million customers. But, why it is not in Taiwan, great China, Asia, or other regions? Yes, we do now! Start from 2015, instead of OEM/ODM, we developed a total new great China brand "Kiss Young" and our pleasure to share this gentle, effective, innovative foot care formula to you and global people. Share is happy!Kiss Young Foot Exfoliating Mask, a gentle, effective, innovative foot care product applied Fruit Acid and Plant Extracts to exfoliate and moisture your feet as smooth and glossy as a baby's young foot.JYang Vision Co. LtdJYang Vision Co. Ltd., found in 2007, focus on idea creation, design integration, coordination manufacture, marketing, and customer service of LED application products, which include the LED module, LED advertising displays, and LED illumination projects in Taiwan. In year 2010, we expanded the investment scale and enhanced LED technology to fully satisfy customer needs with one stop shopping. In year 2015, we expanded the business unit to develop a total new great China brand "Kiss Young" and global sales. Profession, Honesty, Credit, Commitment, Service and Happy are our core value. We believe that, only when we are professional and honest, the products can be competitive in both quality and performance; only when we are creditable and committed, the products can be reliable and satisficed; only when we are happy and service-leading, the customer relationship can be joyful and inspiring. We believe what product can be satisfied by customer is not only the shape outside, but also the emotion inside. Our ultimate goal is always "Customer Satisfaction".Sincerely, you invite you to be our business partners as a strategy alliance, OEM/ODM, or agent distributors. To create a better sustainable future for the next generation, JYang Vision would like to hand by hand with you for a win-win business.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. Jerry Young
  • Job Title : Sales Director
  • Telephone :
  • Address : No. 182, Sec. 4, Winxin Rd., North Dist.
  • Zip/Post Code : 404
  • Website : http://www.kissyoung.com
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      Kiss Young Foot Exfoliating Mask, Foot Moisture, Exfoliation, Peeling, Callus, Heel Crack