Company Details

  • Operational Address : 272, rue 5 lotissement Lina - Z.I. Sidi Maarouf, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : Casablanca, Morocco
  • Year Established : 1997
  • Main Markets : Eastern Europe 50.00% Africa 33.33% Mid East 16.67%
  • Links : Morocco Beauty & Personal Care, Morocco Skin Care, Morocco Tanning Lotion,
  • Company Introduction

    KOSMO PHARM (K.PH) is a dynamic pharmaceutical corporation, specialized in oral liquid and topic preparations. With a surface higher than 2400 square meters, our factory is equipped high technology.KOSMO PHARM (K.PH) was conceived with the intention to participate in the international marketplace. To that end, it has positioned itself for the export market by assuring that its products are in conformity with international standards.NOVARGA, an argan oil products range, developed by KOSMO PHARM (K.PH), in order to showcase Moroccan natural products and offer the consumers effective and value added products.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. Azzeddine KERDOUDI-KOLALI
  • Telephone :
  • Website : http://www.kosmopharm.com
  • Company Product

      ARGALINE Pure Argan Oil
      ARGALINE Argan Relaxing Oil
      ARGALINE Bronzing Argan Oil
      ARGALINE Argan Anti Hair Loss Oil
      ARGALINE Anti Cellulite Argan Oil
      ARGALINE Argan Moisturizing Cream
      ARGALINE Argan Moisturizing Body Emulsion
      ARGALINE Argan Body Scrub
      ARGALINE Argan Sunscreen SPF 50+
      Kaline base lavante 200ml
      KALINE base lavante 500ml
      Kaline k-white soin eclaircissant 40g
      Kaline lait capillaire 200ml
      Kaline lotion capilaire 100ml
      Kaline lait eclaircissant 200ml
      Kaline lait eclaircissant 500ml
      Kaline k-sun invisible 50ml
      Kaline k-sun teinte naturelle 50ml
      Kaline k-sun couvrant 50ml
      Kaline cold cream 50g
      Kaline lait hydratant 200ml
      Kaline gel lubrifiant 30g
      Kaline gel surgras nettoyant 200ml
      Kaline creme hydratante 50g
      Siacen creme dermatologique 40g
      Clairimax creme depigmentante 30ml
      Clairimax lait depigmentant 200ml
      Kaline k-rosacea 30ml
      Kaline lait capilaire 100ml
      Kaline k-sun bonne mine 50ml
      Kaline k-clean dermo nettoyant 200ml
      Kaline k-baby gel nettoyant 500ml
      Kaline k-intime soin lavant d'hygiene 200ml
      Prudence gel lubrifiant 100ml