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  • Business Type : Other
  • Location : Tamil Nadu, India
  • Main Markets : 100.00%
  • Main Products : Biscuits,Magnetic Card,Fruits,Vegetables,Zipper,Printing Machinery,,
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  • Company¬†Introduction

    We are exporting biscuits, magnetic card, fruits, vegetables, zipper.. EtcKvpexport&importWelcomes youKvptrust is a nonprofitable organization in india. It conductes many social activites such as legal, medical, education, newspapers, export&import, travels, teleserial production and etc, etc. Nearly 1000 skilled and unskilled workers are there. It is conducting the following newspapers.1. Dhinapathirikkai(tamil daily)2. Niraparathy(english law daily)3. Kutrapathirikkai(political weekly)4. Paramparai(cinema weekly)Director:Mr. C. Parimannan. B. A. B. L. Journalist&legal practicioner) is administrative director.Mrs. Parvathavarthini. D. T. Ed is managing trustee.Company profile.1. ExportKvp export and import is part of the kvptrust. Kvp export purchase the goods from the manufacturares directly without meadiators. It exports the following itemes.1. Fresh vegitables, fruits, spices.2. Dried vegitables, fruits, spices.3. Sundries, rice, seasional fruits.4. Ceareals and its poweders, palm products.5. Ladies&gents undergarments.6. Kanchipuram, arani, silksarees.7handlooms8. Leathergoods, fishpacking mates.9. Indian books, magazines, etc.. Etc..Kvp exports have daily and weekly supplies through air.Ii. Imports.Kvp imports this following.1. Newsprints.2. Computers&parts3. Audio&vedio cassettes4. Latest cds&floppyes5. Foods&fevarages.Pricelist/pertone1. Garlic-u$575(pertone)2. Coriander-u$4753. Mustard-u$5124. Blackpepper-u$12005. Cardamom-u$20006. Redchillies-u$5957. Turmeric-u$6088. Cumin-u$20009. Anise-u$65010. Palmjaggery-u$69511. Ginger-u$52512. Tamarind-u$120013. Small onion-u$60014. Big onion-u$47515. Potato-u$450Terms and conditions1. Prices subject to change day to day2. Advance payment should be enclosed with order.3. T/t must be infavour of kvpexport and import-chennai. India.4. Minimum order 1000kg will be under taken.5, fruits&vegitables should be send through air only.6. Importers should bear the air charges.7. Minimum 20 container only.8. Packing 25kg,50kg,75kg, only available.9. If you need other, prior order will be undertaken.Kvpexport welcomes you

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  • Contact Person : Mr. kvpexport kvpimport
  • Department : hod
  • Job Title : marketing direct
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : Postboxno-34. Chennai-45
  • Zip/Post Code : 600045
  • Website : http://maxpages.com/kvpimport
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      Water Dispencer
      Gas Stove