• Diatomaceous Earth Unlimited

    28236 Faircrest Way Escondido, California

    Buy direct from our USA mines and SAVE. We mine sell freshwater Diatomaceous Earth, approx. 90% Silicon Dioxide, white, pure food grade. OMRI EPA approved safe, unlike so many foreign competitors. For good prices excellent shipping rates in internationally, please contact us, immediately. only bulk quantities. Only serious ...
  • Deniscolema

    12 mission street los angeles, california

    electronics,please supply me whenever needed,I like your products and cannt stop placing order for ay item that i wil to have in my stock
  • Solutions For You, LLC

    11826 Tiller Trail Hwy Days Creek, Orego

    Magnetically separated ore will assay 7-9% iron, 4,000 PPM Nickel, 1,800 ppm chromite, 800-1,600 manganese,and 17.80 % magnesium. As copper zone is located , looking for Au and Platinum values to go up from .014 and .007. Early stages of business plan but on large private ranch.
  • Infinite Prosperity Trading, Inc.

    84-37 Corona Avenue Elmhurst, New York

    We are a New York based corporation committed in bringing you exceptional products from all over the world. A fast-growing global resourcing entity , Infinite Prosperity Trading, Inc. is your connection to world's most dynamic industries. Supplier of HMS1&2. Used Rails, Portland Cement32.5, 42.5 ...
  • Charles Jone

    121n. elm street cuthbert,

    I am direct to or one step away from buyers andsellers of various products and capital, bothconvential and investors. I do not participatein daisy chains.
  • Bella Savior LLC

    1945 Savoy Drive 3 8209 Chamblee, Georgia

    Buy and sell commodities, MTNs BGs- oil, diamonds gold, precious stones- need buyers for gold and diamonds as well as sellers-
  • Dag&Stacy Incorporatio

    35 ocean avenue valley stream, new york

    we are suppliers of different material ranging from crude oil,coal and african timber,we are currently looking for customers from all over the world.Thank
  • Benson Computer Inc.

    430 Monmounth Avenue,  Leonardo,

  • Diamond Oilfield Service & Supplies LLC

    3522 Diamond Blvd Weslaco, Texa

    I have over 50,000 ton of Barite per mo. for sell, also have Iron Ore, we have it raw or in sand. We also transport if needed. Samples and quotes upon request.
  • Coleader Inc.

    1135 Centre Dr. #F Walnut, California

    Company since: year 2000Employees: 5 - 10Annual Revenues: USD1,000,000 - 2,000,000Items Purchased: Pig Irons, Casting
  • Shih And Associate

    800 Palisade Ave Fort Lee,

    Sell Chromite, Nickels from Philippines, Iron ore from India, Mexico and Philippines. Scraps metals: HMS, Used rails.
  • Seminole Enterprises Croup, Inc.

    3308 NE 32nd St Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    We are a purpose minded company specializing in Columbia, SA raw ore, coal and minig properties. We have goverment concessions to deal direct as well as developed relationships with shipping port officials.
  • Oasis America

    301 Foothill Boulevard Arcadia, California

    US Based Agent for Middle Eastern Mining Company. Specializing in unprocessed ore, minerals metallic/non-metallic, precious/semi-precious and non -precious materials.
  • Global Enterprises Network LLC

    10401 Wallace Ave  Kansas City, MO

    Where Manufacturers and Buyers Come TogetherBringing Your Products to the World MarketBringing of DoorGlobal Enterprises Network LLC is an Import-Export Company doing business globally, bringing resources world your door. We bring table four plus years agency experience 6 customer service logistics experience. are ...
  • Atlantic Maintenance Cor

    7601 E Treasure Dr. North Bay Village, Fl

    Im looking to purchase 400,000 + MT of Scrap metal, iron,steel and used rails On a monthly basis for a year contract.
  • GHS Limited

    Philadelphia Philadelphia,

    We are GHS Limited. We are an international trading company. We have a network of over 300 associates worldwide.
  • RagingBull Impex

    5401 Brookside  Kansas City, MO

    Exporting Minearal,ores:iron ore, Heavy Metal Scrap and buying Energy materials Coal-Steam,Metallurgical and Petroleum Coke. Processing and Trade.
  • TT Transportatio

    PO Box 830 Tracy, CA

    Overland Transportation of non-specific goods through a growing fleet of dedicated tractor drivers located in the continental United States.
  • Orlando International III

    Northlawn st. detroit , michiga

    Company engaged in international trade of various items.Selling! Importing and Exporting!Selling Iron Ores in MT. Sugar in MT,etc.
  • Trillium Investments, Ltd.

    Roslyn Ridge Road Charlottesville,