301 seo hyun bldg. 15-15 sin gong duck-dong. ma po-gu

  • Corea Flavors&fragrances Co.,ltd.

    # 105-2, sanbuk-ri, iljul-myeo

    1. R& D and Manufacturing for flavors & fragrances. 2. Have a No1 perfumer in Korea3. Supply to big cosmetic and food, beverage company in Korea- Cosmetic: LG, Amorepacific, Aekyung, Coreana, Hanbul, Hankook, Kolmar- Food & Beverage: Lotte, Haitai4. Very strong R& D man power.
  • Biomist Technology Co., Ltd.

    88, Deungchon-ro, Yangcheon-gu

    Established in 1994, Biomist is a pioneer the field of Air Fresheners Korea and now exports to overseas markets including USA, Russia China. Stimulating customers' sense smell, aromas can promote sales with better service. Our automatic sensing aerosol contains various natural scents. We have developed diverse ...
  • Gana Logistics Co., Ltd

    70-1,Bukchang-dong ,Jung-gu


    3rd Fl, Changam B / D, Bangi-dong, Macheon-ro 20

    KNTeC was established on June 22nd, 1999. We are an eco-friendly company manufacturing water saving and pressure increasing shower heads, aroma sense kitchen sink taps, hoses parts. provide technologies services, for our growing global customer base. Since establishment, we have been continuing to research develop products ...

    From C.E.O of BKEYES Inc.The world is becoming sick with the lack love and sharing. We are healing our beautiful works connecting through This, I think, calling company.We want to put work in everything on this world. believe that place where placed can have a new meaning. always thinking about how much we reconstruct objects ...