• EcoPeatMix

    Kirishskaya, 4A St.Petersburg, Russia

    We supply peat moss for agricultural industry and landscape design.Our peat moss dried and pressed specially to save storage space, transport and shopping area.It is sieved, the degree of decomposition until 15%, neutralized (pH 5.5-6.0%).
  • Peat Briquete


  • Torfoexport

    Konenkova Str. 4 Moscow, Moscow

    Peat Export LLC provides wholesale and retail market with white milled peat, peat substrates fertilizers in Russia also worldwide. The raw material is harvested Belarus, Baltic countries.Peat moss packed Big Bales which used as the basis for substrate production, improvement of soil structure, making loans, etc.?Quality ...

    Bangu 10-17



    "Park Service LLC" is one of the largest lumber producers in Ukraine. We cover full cycle - from production to export our goods. That why we are responsible for quality products that offer.Our company can offer such goods:Rough sawn timber construction;Spruce softwood furniture and building;Workpiece pallet deck ...
  • Montorin Horticulture

    Yulan Road, Foshan, Guangdon, China

    We are a procucer and wholesaler in the ornament al plants garden procucts. especially specialized cultivation of indoor ornamental such as Cycad bonsai, Ficus Dracaena (Lucky bamboo), Zamiaculcas Pachira.We supply Sphagnum peat bark well. ...
  • Pellets Plus Inc

    Stanislas-Plante Mirabel, Quebec

    Pellets Plus Inc based in Quebec, Canada, is a torrified peat moss pellets manufacturer with a production capacity of 150 000t a yr. The plant will start its construction december 2010. We are already taking orders and letters of intentions. Production is almost sold out.

    Yali mah. 6523 sok. Park Yasam Ofisleri No:32/B K:5 D:511

    GARDEN NATURA is founded in 2006 manufacturing and trading company with 3.200 m2 Warehouse 12.000 factoryManufacturing plastic pots planters for growers nurseries, tradind ornamental plants landscape architectural services.GARDEN Product Range Greenhouses, Seedling Producers, Ornamental Flower Growers, Vegetable ...
  • Green Concept Agency AS

    Skippergata 7, Trondheim, Norway,7042

    GCA) - Green Concept Agency We are offering the best quality spill control products for industry, state and oil response operations. Our close co- operation with world`s leading manufacturesand our costumer focused approuch, GCA- is proffessional supplier of any product related to other spills. pride selves on being able offer ...
  • Shenyang Huaqingyuan Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

    Faku County

    Shenyang Huaqingyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd was established in June 2014,it is located Xiushuihezi Town, Faku County, City, Liaoning Province,China.The investment amount more than 20 million RMB,covering an area of 450 acres,there are totally 49 greenhouses .It a comprehensive enterprise,which includes ...
  • Agro Norde


    Our Peatland covering almost 300 ha.We started peat harvesting in late 1990ies and recent years wehave built value added production for horticulture,floriculture fruit industries. We supply Peat-Moss Clients Greenhouses, Open-air plant productions, forestry sectors, mushroom industries, landscaping area, golf ...
  • SLL firm Rekord

    Pavlutchenka, Rivne, Ukraine,33005

    SLL firm REKORD is a peat harvesting company.We harvest peat on the area peatfield Morochno-1.We offer next products:white peat in Big-Bales 4.0- 4.5 cubic meters.peat substrates in bags 5, 10, 20, 50, 80 l
  • Eco Friendly Supplies LLC

    10 Norbridge Dr, Princeton, New Jersey, USA,08540

    Eco Friendly Supplies (EFS) committed in partnering with organizations promoting eco friendly farming. As greenhouse and organic farming became popular, demand for growing media like coconut-peat (cocopeat) increased, especially vegetables, fruits, flowers & mushrooms etc. However, cost factors challenged the price ...

    H. Manto str. 22 Klaipeda, Klaipeda district

    We are Lithuanian company Linkona, which providing natural organic peat moss of we making different types professional substrates. Our products perfectly suits for seedlings, flowers, vegetables and trees to grow. can guarantee offer only best quality production, acceptable prices, fast transporting always prompt ...
  • TALAN Co.,Ltd

    Leonova st. 64-243 Vladivostok, Primorye regio

    Our company started the development of peat deposits in territory Primorye Russian Far East. License issued 2007. To date, all design documentation is ready for start extraction. Approved reserves amount to 430 000 tons. The Power Plant can produce 30,000 tons per year. Investment needed purchase equipment and technology. We ...
  • Global Distribution

    F. Sadovnikova 39

    Global Distribution is the official representative for biggest Latvian enterprise which works in field of production on organic fertilizers and soil conditioners made from high quality raw material SAPROPEL. We also represent a lot other commodity producers all over world - Firewood, Briquettes etc. Just ask what you need.- ...
  • UR Irish botanical

    This superb 100% peat mask is all natural and can be used over your body. After just one application you will see fine lines reduced, revealing a deeply hydrated face The most amazing thing Ur peat suitable for skin types even sensitive. Irish Peat excellent treatment both healthy problem skin, has been in Europe centuries to treat ...
  • Zhitomirtorf LLC


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    Terbatas Street 74A

    NORD AGRI LLC is established to serve your agricultural needs. From our side we are doing everything provide you with best PREMIUM ECOLOGICAL peat moss, substrates and organic fertilizer products. Once will try products, demands for quality meet next level very proud that we, as LLC, contribute food industry become more ...


    EXPORT - IMPORTBIOFUELS: wood & peat pellets, wood & peatbriquettesPEAT MOSS: peat & peat substrate