Quadrant Zeta

Company Details

  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : 36 Hutchingsons Road Croydon, Surrey
  • Year Established : 2007
  • Main Products : Fruit Juice,Baby Milk,Cow & Gate,Aptamil Infant Milk, Nectar,PIZZA CHEESE, MOZZARELLA,CHEDDAR,OATS, KIDNEY BEANS,WHEAT & BUCK WHEAT, VEGETABLE,PEA,
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  • Company Introduction

    Quadrant Zeta is product engineering, manufacturing, and commodity wholesaler and export service provider across the world. With over 25 years experience of the operative, we are engaged in a large array of product sourcing and delivery arrangements for our clients.We develop and produce as well as source niche brand for our clients across the world. Quadrant Zeta invests a significant resource and time in researching, developing strategies and product customs that are unique to our individual client's brand and values. We work to ensure our client's brand values are leveraged through our value added concepts and strategies. The company specializes in the design and production of unique and niche brand worldwide. We provide clients with a fully customised strategy to maximise product sales at the same time protecting their brand core values.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : E. Jame
  • Job Title : Sales Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Address : 36 Hutchingsons Road Croydon, Surrey
  • Website : www.quadrantzeta.co.uk
  • Company Product

      Sell Non Alcoholic Sparkling Fruit Juice Drink in Champagne Bottle
      Sell Cow and Gate First Infant Milk From Newborn 400g
      Sell Aptamil First Milk From Birth 900g
      Sell Kerrymaid Mozzarella Pizza Cheese Shredded