Ruian Tahiti International Trading Co., Ltd.

Company Details

  • Operational Address : No. 10, Fengyang Road, Haian Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Ruian, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Business Type : Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Location : Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established : 2014
  • Main Markets : North America 20.00% Eastern Europe 10.00% Western Europe 10.00%
  • Main Products : Auto Parts,Sensor,Valve, Motor, Throttle Body,Brake System,Brake Caliper,Suspension Parts,Control Arm,Motors,Wiper Motor,Window Motor,Transfer Case Motor, Tailgate Motors, Sunroof Motor, Sensors,Accelerator Pedal Sensor, Pressure Sensor,Air Flow Meter,Oxygen Sensor,Crank&Cam Position Sensor, TPS Sensor,MAP Sensor,Knock Sensor,ABS Sensor,Pumps, Vacuum Pump,Water Pump,Smog Air Pump, Leak Detection Pump, Valve, Brake Valve,Solenoid Valve,Relay Valve,Pressure Control Valve,Idle Air Control Valve,EGR Valve,Body Parts,Lamp, Door Lock,Wiper Linkage,Accelerator Pedal, Switch,Window Regulator,Door Handle,Clutch Parts,Clutch Booster,Clutch Servo,Clutch Plate,Clutch Cover,Clutch Bearing,Electrical Parts,Alternator,Ignition Coils,Ignition Distributors, Transmission Parts,Engine Parts,Oil Separator PCV Valve, Ignition System,Spark Plug,Fuel/Air System, Oil Pan,Carburetor,Fuel Injectors,Turbochargers,Oil Cooler,Fuel Pump,Cooling/Heating System, Breather Hose/Radiator Hose, Fan Clutch,Radiator,Water Flange,Blower Motor Fan, Expansion Coolant Tank, Radiator Cooling Fan, Auto Steering System,Power Steering Pump,Power Steering Box/Gear, Auto Bearing,Wheel Hub,Air Intakes,Breather Valve,Air Intake Hose,Throttle Body,Exterior Accessories,Wiper Arm&Blade, Crank Mechanism,Timing Belt Tensioner, Car Electronic Parts, Starter,Sports Camera,Automobile Data Recorder, Car Display, On-board Camera, Reversing Radar Detector, ,
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  • Company Introduction

    Ruian TAHITI Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian "The Hub city of Automobile". We are a professional auto spare part supplier and exporter. We are engaged in all kinds Sensor, valve, Throttle body, Electrical Series, Body Parts, Engine Series, Chassis Series, Brake Series and some Motor related products. We supplying products manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Backed by in-house production management, quality assurance and engineering capabilities, our services include manufacture and distribution to the international markets. We stand ready to provide our customers with high performance Sensor, valve, Throttle body, Electrical Series, Body Parts, Engine Series, Chassis Series, Brake Series now and in the future.With our powerful manufacture quality control and supply networks, we are also able to develop other auto spare parts according to customers' designs, drawings and samples. Welcome worldwide customers to contact us for business and long-term cooperation. We will be your reliable partner and supplier of auto parts and accessories in China.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Ms. Anna Liu
  • Department : Director/CEO/General Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : Tangxia Park, Ruian City
  • Zip/Post Code : 325200
  • Website :
  • Company Product

      Power window motor/Saturn window motor OEM 82105/82104
      odometer speed sensor toyota speed sensor OEM 83181-12020/5S4885 /SU6217 SC180
      Speed sensor Mitsubuchi a/t speed sensor OEM MC867581
      knock sensor/knock sensor for car OEM 30530-P2M-A01/30530-PV1-A01/KS65/5S2140/SU4778
      knock sensor/Knock sensor for accord OEM 30530-P5M-013/KS64/30530P5M003/5862069390/5S2138/SU4771
      knock sensor/knock sensor for mazda OEM E1T50471/ZL02-18-921
      knock sensor/hot selling knock sensor OEM 480ED-1005120/KS206/KS204/13676440 /5S237 SU6846
      knock sensor/japan car knock sensor OEM 22060-30P00/KS79/2206056E11/5S2217
      knock sensor/japan car knock sensor OEM F3XA12A699AA/F3XY12A699A/SU2074
      knock sensor/denso knock sensor OEM XF5Z12A699A/XF5Z12A699AA /KS107
      knock sensor/detonation sensor OEM 25348220/1002090TAR/320/09514
      knock sensor/suzuki sx4 knock sensor OEM 0261231036/3752010B3/054905377/054905377G
      knock sensor/hot sell knock sensor OEM 3752010B3/480EE-1002060/92860614400//KS15 /5S2144/SU494
      knock sensor/mitsubishi knock sensor OEM SMW250314
      knock sensor/knock sensor for mitsubishi OEM E1T25171A
      Auto Knock sensor/automotive sensor OEM 30530-P2M-A01/30530-PV1-A01/KS65/5S2140/SU4778
      Auto Knock sensor/sabaru knock sensor OEM 22060-AA070/KS98/5S2294/SU4990
      Auto Knock sensor/car sensor OEM 480ED-1005120/KS206/KS204/13676440 /5S237 SU6846
      Auto Knock sensor/auto sensors OEM 22060-30P00/KS79/2206056E11/5S2217
      Auto Knock sensor/knock sensor for qashqai OEM XF5Z12A699A/XF5Z12A699AA /KS107
      Auto Knock sensor/tap knocking sensor OEM 480EC-1002060
      Auto Knock sensor/knock sensor module OEM 25348220/1002090TAR/320/09514
      Auto Knock sensor/auto sensor for suzuki OEM 0261231036/3752010B3/054905377/054905377G
      Auto Knock sensor/knock sensor detonation sensor OEM 3752010B3/480EE-1002060/92860614400//KS15 /5S2144/SU494
      Auto Knock sensor/suzuki liana spare part OEM E1T50471/ZL02-18-921
      Auto Knock sensor/engine control knock sensor OEM MD304932
      MAP sensor/chery intake manifold pressure sensor OEM 0261230099/480ED-1008060/B11-1157110
      MAP sensor/intake manifold air pressure sensor opel OEM 93399801
      MAP sensor/manifold absolute pressure sensor OEM 2U1L9F479AA
      MAP sensor/ intake manifold pressure OEM 37830-PWE-G01
      MAP sensor/air intake inlet manifold pressure sensor OEM 71739292/16258659/16212460
      MAP sensor/air intake inlet manifold pressure sensor OEM 90063543/93160018/16258659/8-16212-460-0
      MAP sensor/used cars for sale intake pressure sensor OEM 4409668/6238120/6238159/67700106644
      MAP sensor/tmap absolute pressure sensor OEM 16249939/16187556/16258659
      MAP sensor/air intake manifold sensor OEM 5S11764/8161875560/9359409/SU1078
      MAP sensor/intake absolute air pressure sensor OEM 38613212/8093594090/8162499390/861249A1/881731