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    Generesense offer many kind of skin care creams, anti-agings, face & body daily use hair products, firming sculpting products. All our products have been created by Dr. M. Burstein LTD, the leading research laboratories in cosmetics field for years. LTD customize formulate at any desired quality up to top Elite high-end while ...
  • Acazia - Dead-sea Mineral Cosmetic

    Hashalom 7

    Acazia - natural cosmeticsRejuvenate minerals of the dead seaWe are a big manufactorer and marketing mineral cosmetics company based in Israel.We have an exciting line health beauty products, formulated from rejuvenating sea, combined with plant extracts aromatic oils.Acazia is one leading companies manufacturing & ...
  • Korean Link Limited

    Central Plaza Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    Korean Link Limited is a business consulting company that enables various services including mediation between supplier and buyers in various spheres.
  • Renew Cosmetics Ltd.

    7 St. Haarad

    Renew Cosmetics Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of premium Dead Sea products aimed at the upscale market. The skin care contain an assortment minerals used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments. Currently, is expanding its international distribution looking associates who recognize first class quality natural beauty as ...
  • Nidaria Technology


    After ten years of extensive bio-technological research it is finally possible to prevent jellyfish stings.Safesea the first patented lotion that helps protect againstThe stinging most jellyfish, blue bottle, sea lice, coral and anemone.The product based on a unique technology exploits biochemical mechanisms neutralize ...
  • BSAsistance

    Ben Gurion 5 - 31

    B. S. A. Is a small company that sells Dead Sea products directly from the Dead Sea, Israel.We sell worldwide Dead Sea cosmetics such as: Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea salts, hand, foot and body creams, scrubs, peeling etc. For very availible prices.
  • Dead Sea Cosmetics

    33 Betzalel

    T.D.O.T. Industries International Trade Ltd was established in 1999 and is private ownership. Specializing innovative & advanced skin-care cosmetic products formulated from the unique salt, mud minerals of Dead Sea, manufacture high quality skin care cosmetics made with choice natural ingredients that meet all latest ...
  • Caprice Cosmetics Ltd

    haamal 7

    Caprice Cosmetics Ltd is a global leader in developing and manufacturing total skincare regimes based on rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals salts, together with natural plant extracts proprietary formulas. Advantage of cosmetics consists that it contains active components - oils, herbs, the high-quality products ...
  • Raziel Cosmetics Ltd.

    P O Box 54

    Raziel Cosmetics Ltd. is an Israeli Company that developed exclusive line of anti-aging skin care products based on Colostrum. Colostrum the initial milk produced by female mammals following birth-giving. By utilizing Colostrums for products, enabling a breakthrough in cosmetics.Colostrum has been scientifically proven ...
  • Lightstones

    Gera House 203

    Lightstones are beautiful, hand made sculptures designed to enhance and balance flow of energy in your life. Each completely unique Lightstone is aid you one or more specific ways. They intended developing maintaining an abundant level positive energy. Historically traditionally some names for this Chi, Prana Orgone. ...

    8 Yehuda Hanassie St.

    A. G. M. Group International Ltd. Is an Israeli company. The company's activity is three main businesses: 1. We are importer of products such as Gift, Furniture, Home Decoration, Garment, Tools, Massager, Promotional Products etc, for trading and marketing in our local market. 2. have subsidiary company which name ...
  • Oren Taligion

  • KMB Healthline LTD

    17 / 6 Haetzel

  • Yakov.yona

  • Holy Land Clu 5616

  • Lants And Mineral

    Shdema 54

  • Iconix Laboratories Ltd.

    Rothchild Str. 39

  • Erez Goshen

  • Tartpoint

  • Sea Of Life Ltd

    Sea of Life Ltd., 13 Hamelacha Street, Northern Industrial Area Lod, 71520 Israel