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  • Paloma Dead Sea Ltd

    PO Box 5381

    "Jericho Cosmetics", Because the most benefits are here for you. With over a million customers world wide, Jericho Cosmetics ("Flag Brand") by PALOMA Dead Sea Ltd. (factory) is First and Authority company to bring consumer famous products. Paloma leading factory manufacturing its cosmetic & ...
  • Spider Pharm Industries Ltd.

    12 / 4 Sadan St.

    Spider Pharm Industries was established at 2003, its business is to develop, manufacture and market DermoCosmetics with Natural Active Ingredient (including Dead Sea Minerals) for the treatment of various skin ailments as a natural substitute atopic medical products. The company also develops, care products based on active ...
  • Chinatown.il

    jerusalem israel

  • Marknorder Ltd.

    5 Jabotinski (Avgad Blg)

    Marknorder Ltd. specializes in commerce and e-Commerce solutions with decades of first-hand experience it's managers.Companies that wishes to expand their business on a budget, increase profit and lower cost for international marketing - use our unique do it.Clients want sell, market, or distribute products Europe ...
  • Dr.OlenGi

    2, Hamalacha

    Company ProfileDr. OlenGin is a manufacturer, exporter and distributor of Dead Sea Cosmetics, primarily working with wholesalers, distributors retailers. The company's products include all sorts skin, spa hair-care that for both men women.Dr. produces its in one only three factories the world holds an accredited ...