Skylark Device & Systems Co. Ltd

Company Details

  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : Taiwa
  • Year Established : 1975
  • Main Markets : North America 11.11% South America 11.11% Western Europe 11.11%
  • Main Products : Electrical Stimulator, Muscle Stimulator,Electronic Nerve Stimulator, Light Therapy,Led Light,Ultrasonic Therapy, Ultrasonic Beauty Equipment, Skin Care Device,Diagnostic & Physical Check-up Systems, Treatment Devices, Beauty Care Units, Weight Loss,Skin Care,Home Care Units, Health Care Products,Medical Equipment,Home Healthcare Equipment,Beauty Equipment,,
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  • Company Introduction

    Skylark is a design and manufacture oriented company, focusing on hi-tech precision Electro-Therapeutic Medical Device. Over years, we has been devoted to the development of the most advanced products for the professional and customers market, from the Diagnostic System to Therapy Device, Consumer Healthcare to Beauty-care. The "Skylark" symbol implies the mission to design the infinite possibilities of new products for humanity and each product developed with clinical experiment of Chinese and Western medicines. Now, Skylark is one of the qualified and well-known global suppliers, products can be seen worldwide either in Skylark's own brand or the outstanding customer's logo. Over decades, Skylark has put a lot of efforts and invested cost on R&D for healthcare devices, cooperating with The National Institutes and The professional NGOs in this industry. Now there are more than 100 items manufactured and supplied by Skylark into global market already, including Electrical Diagnostic Treatment, Electro-Physical Therapy, Photon Therapy, Ultrasonic Therapy, Healthcare, Beauty-careand all the related accessories.Products 100% approved and qualified for worldwide market Skylark's products have been approved and certified by the formal regulation worldwide. We fully understand and believe that safety, qualify and reliability are equal important, therefore we always meet the standard of bio-engineering for each of Skylark's products, products are 100% approved and qualified for the market of USA (The FDA 510K listed / GMP certified), Europe (CE Mark/MDD), Canada, China, Japan and Taiwan. As Skylark has been in Medical industry for more than 35 years, not only have products been awarded many times by the National Institutes and the professional NGO Associate, but also have won respects from its c

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : George Chiang
  • Job Title : GM
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : 2F-9, 40-2, Sec. 1, Min Sheng N. Rd., Kui Shan,  Taoyuan, Taiwa
  • Website :
  • Company Product

      Electro Acu-massager
      Piezoelectric Stimulator
      PHOTON-STIM System  LED Light Therapy
      Photon Stimulator
      Step Counter
      LED Red Light for Skin Rejuvenation
      LED Red Light for Skin Rejuvenation
      SD-956B for Treatment of Acne
      LED Green Light to Treat Epidermal Pigmented Lesions Such as Solar Lentigines and Ephelides
      Interferential Stimulator
      Pulse Diagnostic Device
      Bio-energetic Medical Instrument
      Bio-energetic Medical Instrument
      Dental Tens
      Obstetric Tens
      High End Tens
      Tx-5m Tens
      Transcutaneous Electro Nerve Stimulator
      Electro Muscular Stimulator
      Electro Muscular Stimulator
      Stat Tens
      Ssd Tens Pain Care
      TX-4/TX-4T TENS Series
      Tx-5 Tens
      Standard Tens
      Classic Tens
      Tens 3000
      SD-610D TENS, Digital Classic Tens
      SD-955, Ultrasonic ACU-Massager
      Sd-761, Electrical Muscle Stimulator ( Sds-4m )
      Sd-606u, Uro Tens-p
      Sd-610d Plus, Super Stim Tens
      Sd-610d Ems, Digital Classic Ems
      Bt-905, Body Fat Analyzer
      Sd-760, Sds-4i Medical Implement
      Sd-606as, Pain Free (New Auto Scan Tens)