• Georgia N.Bri General Trade Mastihaexpert

    A.Gazi 171C

    Our company was established at 2005 in the city of Volos. We are mebmers of Chios Mastiha Growers Association, exclusive representatives, and distributors of natural Chios Mastiha, Mastiha oil and ELMA gums in Central Greece.
  • Katsadonis Ioanni


  • Vitae Value


    What does Vitae Value mean? means life, and worth. For us it's the Classical Values for Health, Happiness, Well being, Harmony Healing in everyday life.Our philosophy is to flow with life force within Universe (TAO) creating therapeutic products Organic Holistic character.The difference our combining 3 Therapeutic ...
  • Nik Konstantopoulo

    Gr. Afxentiou 71

    We are a pharmacy (drugstore) in Greece and we are retailers of many well known Cosmetics and Health Products Brands.
  • Lab.Newmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd


    Lab.Newmed Pharmaceuticals group of companies was founded in December 2010 with the goal establishing a pharmaceutical company especially focused on field Dermatology.Our Ltd. is dedicated to creating top line prescription and over counter medical products.Lab.Newmed's important investments research ...

    Alekou Panagouli 3 & Chatzistathoglou 1

    Our broad experience in the field of professional cosmetics taught us how to leave behind father time using help mother nature. The high quality products Natrice ranked first at peoples choice female public as they have earned trust and satisfaction thousands consumers aesthetics cosmetology.From very use you will feel your ...
  • GrecoChin Imports - Export

    164, Z. Pigis str

    Grecochin started its business activities in 2008 aiming to promote and export Greek products simultaneously import quality products. Having offices, which are staffed by experienced partners personnel, is able provide intermediation research services. Always up-to-date with the latest provisions regulations, our ...

    Dim. Ralli 38

    Our pharmacy started operating on May 1995 from pharmacist Georgios Derdelis.In 2001, pharmacists Lina Derdeli co-working in the pharmacy. Appling her up to date ideas, achieved upgrade a meeting point between, traditional medications, modern pharmaceutical cosmetics with its scientific character, and each person ...