TexasPro China Company

Company Details

  • Operational Address : Flat/Rm. 802, 8/F, Carnival Comm Building, 18 Java Rd., North Point, Hong Kong
  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : Hong Kong
  • Year Established : 2003
  • Main Markets : North America 8.33% South America 8.33% Eastern Europe 8.33%
  • Main Products : Auto Tyres,Tires, Scooters,Sport Equipment,Fiberglass & Frp Product, Basalt Fiber Products,Ceramic Fiber Products,Carbon Fiber Products,Chopped Strands,Fiberglass Cloth & Fabric, Fiberglass Mesh,Fiberglass Tape,Fiberglass Tissue,Fiberglass Roving,Fiberglass,AR Fiberglass, Ceiling & Wall, Chopped Strand,Cloth & Fabric, Geogrid,Mat, Mesh, Fiberglass Filter Bag,Filter Paper,Rod, Rope, Roving,Sleeving,Tape, Tissue,Yarn, Wick, Glass Wool,Glass Marble,AGM Battery Separator,FRP, Basalt Fiber,Ceramic (Aluminum Silicate) Fiber, Carbon Fiber,Tyres, Rock Wool,Ferro Silico Manganese,Scooters,Skateboard,Motors & Engines, Boats & Ships,
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  • Company¬†Introduction

    We integrate the production and supply of automobile tires (tyres), electric scooters, electric mini bikes, gasoline scooters, electric bicycles, kick boards, outboard motors, boats engines, inflatable boats, hats and caps, sport shoes, sport equipment, fiberglass & FRP products, SMC BMC DMC products, basalt fiber products, ceramic fiber products and carbon fiber products. Our Main Products: Automobiles tires (tyres)-Chinese-made tires- Light truck tires- Minibus tires- Heavy-duty truck tires- Bus tires- All steel radial tires- Radial heavy-duty truck tires- Car tires- Radial car tires- Agricultural tires- Bicycle tires- Motorcycle tiresPersonal mobility vehicles: - 500w stand up electric scooters- 500w sit down electric scooters- Electric mini bikes- 2 to 4 wheels electric scooters- Electric bicycles with lead-acid or nickel-metal hydride batteries- Motorized scooters- 25cc to 43cc pull start or electrification starting gasoline scooters- Surfing scooters- Kick boards- ce certificate for all our electric and gas scooters - Gas skate boards and gasoline skate boards- Electric mini bikes- citymantis- Wheelchairs- Swaying scootersWater aquatic sports gas boats- Inflatable gas boats with pumps and oars 2-4 person capacity- Gas powered inflatable boats with water-cooled marine engines- Air-Cooled marine motor engines- Water-cooled marine motor enginesFiberglass products- Glass wool batt- Glasswool Insulation Products with Australian Standard Certificate - Alkaline resistance fiberglass roving- Fiberglass meshes- Alkaline resistance fiberglass scrim- Glass marble- Alkaline resistance chopped strand- Fiberglass yarn- Fiberglass woven roving- Fiberglass woven fabrics- Chopped stand mats- Fiberglass needled mats- Fiberglass screens for reinforcing grinding wheels- PVC coated fiber glass insect screens- Fiber glass screen for reinforcing cement- e class specialty glass wool- e class coated fiberglass sleeving- e class fiberglass woven tapes- Fiberglass roving- Fiberglass screens - Fiberglass sleeving- Glass fibre- Fiberglass portiere- Fiberglass tissue- Fiberglass tape- alkali resistance fiberglass- e-glass yarn- Spray up roving- e-glass chopped strands- e-glass insulation tapes- fibreglass scrim- Fiberglass alkali resistant mesh cloth- Self adhesive fiberglass drywall joint tapes- Fiberglass reinforce meshes- Strengthened meshes for stone- Roving for gypsum- Wet chopped strands- Non-twist roving- Fiberglass window screen- Fiberglass sleeves- Gun roving- Fiberglass nets- Woven roving- Printed circuit boards- Fabric for copper- Clad laminates- Stitch-bound fabrics- Frp gridmesh gratings- Pavement meshesPrice is competitive and quality is guaranteed. You are welcome to call us and hold trade talks with us.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. Wong Kai Yeung
  • Department : Sales
  • Job Title : Sales Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : Room 802, 8/F Carnival Commercial Building, 18 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
  • Website : http://www.texashk.com http://www.auto-tyres.com http://www.fiberglass.to http://www.scooter.com.hk
  • Company¬†Product

      Carbon Fiber Surplus
      Fiberglass Roving For Filament Winding
      1200tex E Glass Direct Roving Pultrusion Filament Winding Weaving Fiberglass Roving
      Basalt Fiber Powder
      Basalt Fiber Woven Fabric
      OTR tire (good quantity, low prices)
      Alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh
      AR Fiberglass Roving
      FRP honeycomb panel for truck body parts
      FRP Honeycomb Sandwich Panel
      Aluminum Silicate Board
      F.R.P round rod, F.R.P rod, fiberglass round rod
      F.R.P round rod, fiberglass rod, fiberglass round rod
      Fiberglass mosquito net (exclusive design), PVC coated glass fiber insect screen
      Fiberglass insect screen (exclusive pattern), fiberglass mosquito net (exclusive design), PVC coated glass fiber insect screen
      Li-Socl2 Battery Separator
      Ceramic Fiber Brick
      Aluminum Silicate Fiber Wool
      Thermal insulation fire retardant sound absorption glass wool blanket with aluminium foil
      Glass wool
      Glass wool batts
      800W Power Skateboards With Li-ion Battery
      Electric Scooter
      800W Electric Powered Skateboard
      Electric Powered Skateboard
      Fiberglass Bulk Yarn Fabric
      E-Glass woven roving
      Chopped Strand Mat
      Chopped Strand for Premixed GRC
      Alkali Resistant Chopped Strand
      Fiberglass Fabrics For Filtering Aluminium
      Fiberglass Cloth
      Composite Fiberglass Filter Paper