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  • Dembereldorj

    Ave Chinggis Khaan

  • The GOBI Corporatio

    Khan-Uul District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,52

    We are an export-oriented enterprise for the processing of goat cashmere and camel wool as well semi-finished finished products. 25 years successful growth. One five largest producers worldwide producer in Mongolia. Over 80% our products sold Asia, Europe N. America.Presently GOBI is exporting to 20 countries excess 220,000 ...
  • Solot LLC

    Seoul street 52-27 Ulaanbaatar, Sukbaatar district

    We are one biggest trading and distributing company in Mongolia.Please offer to us any kind of prodcuts.
  • Wagner Asia Industrial LLC

  • Aqwa C., Ltd

    Bayanzurkh District Ulaanbaatar, Bayazurkh District

    Our Company was founded in 1999s and has been dealing foreign domestic trade since our establishment. We have several auto services city. would like to supply customers with spare parts ( USED OR NEW) from Korea. business partner By providing company parts, we will large possibility improve deal more effectively. In this ...
  • CAA Of Mongolia

    Buyant-Ukhaa Ulaanbaatar,

    My company is established in 2000 year and since that time we have catch more space business section Mongolia.We are very glad for contacting with good partners ready to establish relations reliable companies.Best regardsEnkhbatDirector of marketing ...