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  • Demostenes Spanchis And Co

    Aquiles Lanza 1156

    Demostenes Spanchis and CompanySince 1939 In The Marine IndustryVessel Scrap Tanker vessel Fishing vessel Aluminium vesselHms1 Hms2 Rails Iron Scrap
  • Pablo Yohai

    Nelson, Mvdeo, Montevideo, Uruguay,11700

    This company have trucks, to transport diferent conteiners type. In others years import & Export and Ship Shandler bussines.
  • Isa Importaciones Srl

    La paz 1994 Montevideo, Montevideo

    We are a Uruguayan importing company, be interested in your products.Please send us all the information and the fob prices.Regard
  • BLENDEL S.A. Importaciones

    Ruta 8 Km 32550