Company Details

  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : Belluno, Italy
  • Main Markets : Western Europe 100.00%
  • Main Products : Cosmetics,Make-Up,Skin Care,Natural Health Products,Anti-Wrinkle,Anti-Aging,Skin Whitening,Sun Cream,Sun Block,Nail Care,Hair, Bath, Weight Loss,Cosmetics
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  • Company Introduction

    UNIFARCO S. p. A is the 3th largest Italian producer of high quality cosmetics and skin care products. Since 1982 unifarco has been a producer of a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical products in Italy. The company differentiates itself from its competitors through its emphasis on high quality products along with high quality services. By embedding quality and service at the heart of the company's strategy unifarco has been able to be recognized as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies and amongst the top 5 producers in Italy. Unifarco is mindful on the latest technological research, looks at the future and at the changes that are taking place, but does not loose contact with the ancient tradition of pharmacist preparers. We have an outstanding research team which in collaboration with some of the top universities in Italy is a leader in various luxury cosmetic products. Unifarco is a company made by pharmacists and at the service of pharmacists. It was first established in a pharmacy and has been developed over the years to pass on to pharmacies the knowledge of the true natural tradition through the formulation of a wide range of products. Unifarco enjoys a deep relationship with this natural environment. The nature-unifarco match has always strengthened the growth of the company in terms of both product presentation and essence. The "made in Italy", luxury designs and the high quality of our products has generated a substantial demand for our products worldwide. As a result, we are looking to expand our reach on a global scale.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. Luigi Corvi
  • Department : Sales, Marketing & Advertising
  • Job Title : Sales & Marketing Director
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : Via Cal Longa,62
  • Company Product

      Hair Loss Fortify
      Lip-Gloss (Volume and Colour)
      Skin Care Product Compact For Greasy Skin
      Antiox Cream
      Nail Color
      Deodorant Cream For Delicate Skin
      Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Expression Line Corrector
      Elastina And Retinol Anti Wrinkle Face Cream
      Strong Moisturizing Anti UV Cream
      Lip Stick
      Make Up Remover For Eyes And Lips
      Grapefruit Sports Shower Gel
      Leg Slimming And Remodeling Cream
      Intensive Anti Wrinkle Treatment
      Foot Cream
      Pimples Reduction Cream-Grapefruit Seeds Cream
      Skin Whitening Cream
      Aloe Cream For Men - Revitalizing Anti Wrinkles
      Sun Block Cream, Sun Tanning Cream and Sun Spray
      Auto Sun, Tanning Cream, Sun Tan Intensifier