Wuhan Haide Trading Co., Ltd.

Company Details

  • Operational Address : 1912, Optical Valley Headquarters International Bldg. 2, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China (Mainland)
  • Business Type : Trading Company
  • Location : Hubei, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established : 2012
  • Main Markets : Domestic Market 30.00% South America 10.00% North America 5.00%
  • Main Products : Food Machine,Food Flavoring, Food Emulsifier,Cocoa Powder,Cocoa Butter,Filling Paste, Food Machine,Coffee Machine,Flavour And Fragrance,Stabilizer,Vanillin,Svory Flavour, Daily Frangrances, Flavour For Ice Cream, Flavour For Beverage, Flavour For Confectionaries, Flavour For Dairy Products, Flavour For Biscuit And Bread, Food Flavour,Perfume Frangrance, E-Liquid Flavour, Cocoa Products,Cocoa Powder,Chocolate Bar,Cocoa Butter,Cocoa Liquor,Dehydrated Vegetables,E-liquid Oil, Food Emulsifier Series, Span60(Sorbitan Monostearate Series), PGPR(Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate), PGE(Polyglycerol Esters Of Fatty Acids), CITREM(Citric Acid Estersof Monon And Di-glycerdes, CMG(Capryl Mononglyceride), (SMG)Succinylated Monoglycerides, (PGMS)Propylene Glycol Esters Of Fatty Acid, (ODO)Octyl And Decyl Glycerate, GML(Glycerol Monolaurate), GMS40%(Glyceryl Monostearate), GMS90%(Distilled Monoglycerides), LACTEM(Lactic Acid Esters Of Mono And Di-Glyceride, ACETEM(Acetic Acid Esters Of Mono And Di-Glyceride, DATEM(Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Estersof Mono And Dig, CSL(Calcium Stearoyl Lactylate, SSL(Sodium Steroyl Lactylate, Cream, ,
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  • Company¬†Introduction

    Wuhan Haide Trading Co.,Ltd is pressional import and export company in food raw materials, such as food additives, food flavoring, food emulsifiers, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, chocolate products and so on. We are the import-export operations right owner, also the cooperated factories are professional in food industry, there are more than 20 professional techinicians, engineers and products experts in the factory, introducing the advanced products and production equipments, high production capacity of food raw materials.Our products have been approved by the certifitions, such as ISO9001-2000, HACCP, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER and so on.Our sales network is worldwide, not only good sales in China, but also attractive so many oversea customers, our clients trust us to provide quality products every single time, and we have strict manufactoring processes, top-notch R&D and a disciplined trading paltform, we want to establish the long time friendly relationship with our customers.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Ms. Cindy Lee
  • Department : Sales
  • Job Title : Sales director
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : No.62,Optical Valley Avenue, Optical Valley Headquarters International2-1912,Wuhan,P.R.China
  • Zip/Post Code : 430000
  • Website : http://www.hdwyfood.cn
  • Company¬†Product

      Best quality manufacturer supply High Quality Strawberry E-liquid Flavour in stock
      Banana flavour /High concentration liquid flavouring /Various Fruit Flavor
      Blueberry Flavor . Food industry ,high quality and strong concentrated
      Fruit essence flavors for e juice ,pomegranate E flavor Liquid
      Natural Red apple concentrated aroma flavor
      Red date flavor for e liquid strong concentrated/Food additives/the aroma is pure
      Manufacturer supply high quality pineapple flavor/candy, filling, food and other kinds of flavors
      Hami melon flavor/drink series edible essence Edible liquid essence
      Strong Concentration Honey flavor used for e liquid ,fruit flavouring essence
      Watermenlon flavor for E-liquid/High quality/variety of fruit
      Sour Lemon Concentrate For E-liquid/ liquid artifical concentrated food flavour
      Lemon lime flavor for dairy products/top selling food grade lemon lime flavor essence
      Litchi flavor for e liquid strong concentrated,Tobacco Flavour,hot selling flavor concentrate for vape liquid
      High concentration kiwi flavor for e-liquid
      100% natural raspberry/peach/pineapple flavor condensed essence of food taste and aroma
      Honey Peach E-liquid Flavor | fruit flavor concentrate | peach flavor
      Natural fruit blackcurrant liquid essence/ concentrate flavour for e liquid adding rate 4%-10% in PG
      Fresh milk tastes artificial fragrance flavor of food grade
      Grape juice flavour for e juice/Supply natural grape juice concentrate flavor
      High Quality Dauper Sweet Food Additives Chocolate Flavour/PG based flavor for e liquid
      Pure natural mango flavor essence/food additives
      Grapefruit flavour liquid water soluble powder food additive strong concentrated
      The pure fragrance tiramisu/Tiramisu flavor for E-liquid
      Coffee flavor for E-liquid/taste/coffee drinks
      Ginseng flavour plant essence/ Typical ginseng flavor with Halal
      Food flavour powder,Almond flavour for drinks,dairy,biscuit,candy
      Brown sugar flavor artificial liquid fragrance food grade flavor/black sugar liquid flavor concentrate
      Best Taste yogurt flavor/E High Concentrated PG/VG liquid Yogurt flavor
      Creamy vanilla food grade flavors for ice cream, ice cream flavour, flavor
      Concentrate Cheese flavor,liquid beverage flavour/flavor enhance/CHEESE FLAVOUR
      Food grade grape flavor artificial flavors for beverage,candy,bread biscuits and cake
      Food Grade Hahal Cheese flavour for ice cream, bakery,cakes,dairy products
      Natural Vanilla Flavour ,Vanilla Powder Flavour for ice cream,dairy,biscuit,candy
      Black Tea Flavour Concentrate Liquid Flavour For Drinks,Beverage flavor
      sweet candy hazelnut flavor/ artificial fragrance food grade flavor
      Longan flavor for food/Longan flavor for dairy product