Youngheung Corp., Ltd.

Company Details

  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : #139, Ansung Sangga Bldg., 410-13, Shindorim-dong, Guro-gu,, Seoul
  • Year Established : 1971
  • Main Products : Mass Flow Meters, Controllers For Gage,
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  • Company Introduction

    Welcome to the Youngheung Corp., Ltd. website. Before New Millennium comes, the world has been formed into the market that becomes one and the cultural area where it becomes one that it goes over a limit of distance and language. It rushed to time of infinite competition that a company who cannot meet requirement of various customers is selected. So we should try to supply them various items and good product. Established in 1971, Youngheung Corp., Ltd. has repeated a steady improvement and YHC has grown as the strong enterprise with three branch offices and a factory. We have been doing our best for continuous fulfillment of our client?s needs with a strict quality control system and good A/S.By shifting from plant engineering to high-tech facility construction, environment, fuel cell, nanotechnology, semiconductor and biotechnology that deliver high future value and constant large volume of return, we will align our business structure with global standards, realizing the goal of 'comprehensive company leading the new millennium'.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Hyunchae Park
  • Job Title : President
  • Telephone :
  • Address : #139, Ansung Sangga Bldg., 410-13, Shindorim-dong, Guro-gu,, Seoul
  • Website :