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    We , the Aqualife Jaspert breed and cultivate the Genuine Kangal Garra rufa fishes.We breed and sell our own fingerlings !As Aqualife Jaspert moves forward to bring the best in Fish Spa business, we now have the totalfish spa system. First, we have the Kangal Garra rufa breed of fishes which is originally from KavakDeresi, in the thermal basins around Kangal, Turkey. This is the only breed of Garra rufa that has apilot study made in Vienna/ Austria in 2006. It is reported to be the most effective breed to be usedin Fish Spa/ Therapy. These fishes help rejuvenate skin by nibbling on dead skin layer thus exposing young, new skin.We also have the Aqualife Jaspert Premium Granules for the Kangal Garra rufa fishes to keep yourfishes healthy. The granules are formulated and made from natural raw ingredients and free fromchemical additives. These granules will supply the needed nutrients, so your fishes will stay healthy and strong.Then we have the Miss Ju- Dr. Fish Spa Design Modules for those who want to have theirown fish spa business or simply like to have their own private fish spa in the comfort andprivacy of their homes. Miss Ju- Dr. Fish Spa Modules are easy to install, made of highquality and robust plexi-glass material and integrated with bio-mechanical filtrationand ozone filter technique for maximum cleaning efficiency.Now Aqualife Jaspert markets a new, very high-quality disinfectant that willopen up entirely new options for the Fish Spa branch.Deconal is an ultrapure, biocompatible disinfection solution that does not require any additives.Deconal is ready to use, works in just a few minutes against bacteria, viruses and fungi, and is very mild on skin as well.Deconal has no harmful or irritating effects on the Garra rufa fish.On the contrary: Continuous application will effectively reduce the microbiological exposureof the fish. Deconal is scientifically tested and confirmed to be a highly effective disinfectant.With Deconal a product is finally available that covers all areas where a high standard of hygiene is important.Deconal is sprayed on skin before the each water application. That way it preventsbacteria, fungi or viruses from getting into the application water.In order to disinfect the application water and the Garra rufa in it, Deconal is addedregularly in suitable doses as a ready-to-use solution.After usage, Deconal Hydrogel is massaged into the treated skin areas.This non-allergenic gel has a protective and germicidal effect and is also residue-free.Naturally, Deconal is also used successfully for cleaning and disinfecting variousaccessories (buckets, scoops, nets, etc.). Now with Deconal disinfecting theedges of tanks, seats, armrests etc. no longer represents any type of risk.With Deconal you finally have a product that achieves the absolutely highestlevel of hygiene on a permanent basis, whether in a spa zone, in therapy areas or cosmetic areas.Visit our website and read more about us!We thank you for our time and interest.Aqualife JASPERT a total Dr. Fish Spa Concept !

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