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  • Business Type : Other
  • Location : G 338 Preet Vihar Delhi
  • Year Established : 2004
  • Main Products : Sourcing Consultant,
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  • Company Introduction

    EyeIndiaWe are Sourcing Consultants for various Foreign Companies�If you are looking for contract manufacturing or looking for suppliers in India for your products, then look at EyeIndia.� Here at EyeIndia we help you in scouting for your business needs in a very personalized way. Before contacting us you may ask yourself certain questions :� The information you are seeking could be available on the Internet, but do remember to answer yourself that it also requires substantial amount of time and resources to search, sort and collate. � Another critical factor is the timely availability of relevant information on your particular business needs in the target market. This means current and authentic trade data matched to your specific product requirement. This is more often very difficult to find as information about importers is limited, dispersed of uneven quality.We at EyeIndia would give your business requirement a very focused attention and would strive to provide you the precise information that you require. We shall provide you with complete contact details of the Company in your specific sector/product category in whichever part of India that you may require. The Operating and Business details would also be forwarded to you along with the contact details.If desired we can also help you in fixing up business meeting along with the factory visit of the Company in India. Before forwarding you the contact details we would have duly verified the Company details on Operational and Financial front.SERVICES PROVIDED BY EYEINDIA: The Contact list would have 10 addresses with contact details. � Price Indian Rupees (INR) 15000/- For additional contacts - INR 3000/- per contact List with Business details (Operational, Certification, Financial etc. ) - INR 10000/- per Contact Fixing of Business meeting & Factory visit - INR 50000/- per company

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  • Contact Person : Sangeeta Mishra
  • Job Title : Chairperso
  • Telephone :
  • Address : G 338 Preet Vihar Delhi,
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