Guangzhou Dtech Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

Company Details

  • Operational Address : No. 488, Qinghong Road, Hongqi Industrial Zone, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Business Type : Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Location : Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established : 2006
  • Main Markets : Domestic Market 40.88% Southeast Asia 28.25% Mid East 7.81%
  • Main Products : USB Serial Cable, USB Printer Cable, Hdmi Switch,Hdmi Extender,Hdmi Splitter,Extender,HDMI Extender,VGA Extender,USB Extender,Splitter,SDI Splitter, AV Splitter, BNC Splitter, DVI Splitter,VGA Splitter,HDMI Splitter,Switcher & KVM, Converter,Matrix,HDMI Cable,VGA Cable,USB Extension Cable,USB Converter Cable, USB To RS232,USB To Parallel, USB To Dual Serial And Parallel, USB Ultra-thin Cable, Other Cables,USB HUB,TYPE-C Series, Industry Converter, Digital Audio Decorder,
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  • Company Introduction

    Since Guangzhou Dtech Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, we have been dedicated to the development and production of Video and Audio converter,cables,industry converter.Customers across 25 countries rely on us for innovative products and OEM service.We have our own research center, made up of 10 engineers more than 10 years' experience. We have QC and design department . Each month, we release two to five innovative products. Send us your ODM requirements, and within 10 days our R&D department will finish a sample for you.Located in Guangzhou baiyun district and Guangzhou baiyun airport, our 18,000-square-meter factory complies with ISO9001:2008 standard. Equipped with five semi-automated production lines, we can turn out 200,000 units for each model monthly. We source ICs from Taiwan and components from well-respected OEM manufacturers such as Samsung and Toshiba. Most of our products have passed CE, FC and RoHS certifications, and some hold patents for technology and casings. To ensure a qualification rate of 99.9%, our strict QC is composed of six testing processes that are carried out in house. Currently, we provide OEM and one-stop sourcing solutions for buyers in Australia, the Middle East and South Asia. We also have branches in Thailand and Malaysia, and agents in Cambodia,Philippines,ect. To start benefiting from our strong R&D ability and OEM services worldwide, inquire us today.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Ms. ZheYing Zeng
  • Department : Sales
  • Job Title : Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Address : Room 102,NO.40,Qinghong Road,Hongqi Industrial area,Baiyun district,Guangzhou
  • Zip/Post Code : 510000
  • Website :
  • Company Product

      DTECH hot sell mainly used in Radio and TV resolution 3840*2160 4K 3D HDMI 1.4 Matrix Switch
      DTECH support expand copy extension rotating 1920*1080p USB3.0 connector TO HDMI Adapter
      DTECH ECID HDCP IR remote 3D 4KX2K HDMI Matrix 8x8 with APP control switchers
      DTECH 5Gbps USB3.0 charging LED indicator 4 Port High Speed Expansion Round shape Hub
      Supports Window, Mac and Linux high speed 4 Port USB3.0 High Speed Expansion por ( Round shape) Hub
      HDMI cable 2.0 3D 4k AOC fiber cable with high speed-18Gbps for projector hdmi cable china
      DTECH Fiber Optic HDMI cables 4k 2.0 3D provide full HDMI signal integrity up to 50 feet
      HDMI cable 2.0 3D 4k AOC fiber cable with light wire support HDCP2.2;EDID;CEC hdmi cable china
      HDMI cable 2.0 3D 4k AOC fiber cable with HDCP2.2 for computer,laptop,TV,projector,VIVE,XBOX, etc.
      HDMI cable 2.0 3D AOC fiber cable with high speed-18Gbps hdmi cable china
      DTECH 100m HDMI cable 2.0 4k 3D AOC fiber cable for projector,computer,laptop,etc.
      DTECH HDMI cable 2.0 4k 3D AOC fiber cable with high speed 18Gbps hdmi cable
      HDMI cable 2.0 4k 3D AOC fiber cable with HDCP2.2 high speed 18Gbps hdmi cable for laptop
      Trending hot products custom RS-232 isolation serial device projector with auto sense
      8*8 HDMI Matrix, HDMI MATRIX SWITCH 8*8 with APP supports 3D,HDMI 1.4, HDCP 1.4 compliant
      DTECH BC1.2 charging transmission speed is 5Gbps USB3.0 4Port High Speed Round shape Expansion Hub
      DTECH Remote 4k HDMI USB2.0 KVM touch screen extend keyboard monitor mouse CAT5e/6 100m Extender
      Original Manufacturer Data RS232 to RS485/RS422 Industrial Serial Converter
      DTECH HDMI 2.0 4k 3D AOC fiber cable with HDCP2.2 and high speed 18Gbps hdmi cable
      DTECH Splitting function with router IR POE HDMI transmitter and receiver over IP Ethernet 120M Extender
      DTECH HDMI cable with Eco-Friendly Material support HDCP2.2 HDMI 2.0 and high speed 18Gbps HDMI Cable
      DTECH cable support various operating system hdmi 2.0 version 3D hdmi cable with 18Gbps speed hdmi cable
      Industrial active serial port RS-232/ RS-485 to 2 port RS 485 interface converter
      DTECH HDMI 2.0 HDCP2.2 High speed 18Gbps hdmi cable Support 3D with gold-plated connector hdmi cable
      support 3D with HDMI 1.4 hdmi cable 1m for computer, laptop , TV, PS3, SET-TOP BOX ,Projector,etc.
      New design RS232/RS485 to 4 port RS485 Active Isolated Converter HUB
      DTECH 2017 New Products full hd hdmi 4K hdmi 2.0v monitor cable 1.5m hdmi cable with 24k gold-plated connector
      DTECH PVC injection 4K standard hdmi monitor cable ethernet 1080p 3D hdmi cable with ROHS and CE compliant
      PVC injection 4K standard hdmi monitor cable ethernet 1080p 3D hdmi cable for projector
      2017 hot sale PVC wire and hdmi cable 4k,1080p&3D HDMI cable for laptop,projector,dvd,etc.
      DTECH Gold plated 30m hdmi to hdmi cable support 4k,1080p&3D HDMI Cable from China
      DTECH 25m 4K hdmi 1.4v monitor cable support4k,1080P&3D HDMI Cable Guangzhou
      High performance 4k HDMI Cable 20m support 3D with gold-plated connector hdmi cable
      DTECH 24K gold-plated connector hdmi cable support 4k,1080p&3D for display,tv,projector,laptop,etc.
      Active Photoelectric isolation active RS485 hub RS232/RS485 to 4-port RS485
      DTECH 4K 3D Gold plated hdmi to hdmi cable up to 50m for LCD DVD ,home theatre, satellite TV, etc.