Guangzhou Rongding Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Details

  • Operational Address : No. 3, Nanling Industrial Zone North Road, Taihe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Location : Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established : 2015
  • Main Markets : Domestic Market 100.00%
  • Main Products : Skin Care (Body Lotion, Skin Care Serum,Essential Oil,Face Mask,Face Cream & Lotion), Shower Gel., Wash Care Product, Bath Bomb,Hair Conditioner,Shower Gel,Shampoo,Handmade Soap,Skin Care Product,Facial Mask,Facial Cleaner,Hand Cream,White Powder,Lotion,Cream, Facial Essence,Remove Makeup, Toner, Sunscreen Products, Natural Borneol, Essential Oil
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  • Company¬†Introduction

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. GZRD XU
  • Department : Director/CEO/General Manager
  • Job Title : General Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Address : No. 3, North Road, Nanling Industrial Zone, Taihe Town, Baiyun District
  • Zip/Post Code : 510445
  • Company¬†Product

      Natural Facial Hydrating Fruit Handmade Soap Cleanser Bath And Skin Care Handmade Soap
      Body Shining 100% Natural Nutritious Handmade Soap Clean Goat Milk Soap Gentle Facial Handmade Soap
      Handmade Soap With Natural Collagen Vitamin E And Vitamin C Moisturizing Handmade Soap With Natural Fresh Scent
      3D effect soap with Natural Collagen moisturizing handmade soap for skin whitening
      Customized Deep Lines Filler Handmade Soap Aromatherapy oil Handmade soap with collagen vitamin E and Vitamin C
      Factory Fashion design custom soap Natural Handmade Essencial Oil Soap deep cleaning facial soap
      OEM/ODM Coffee Bean Aromatherapy Oil Handmade Soap Deep cleansing soap essential oils soaps
      Factory custom Aloe Aromatherapy Oil Handmade Soap Deep cleansing and Anti-wrinkle essential oils soaps
      OEM/ODM custom high quality Rose Aromatherapy Oil Handmade Soap Whitening soap essential oils soaps
      OEM/ODM custom arabian jasmine aromatherapy oil handmade Soap Deep moisturizing and anti-wrinkle soap essential oils soaps
      glycerin soap with 100% natural pawpaw Deep cleansing and moisturizing Aromatherapy oil soap multifunction soap
      glycerin soap with 100% natural bamboo charcoal Deep cleansing Aromatherapy oil soap oil-control cleaning soap
      safely All natural sandalwood Aromatherapy oil handmade soap Anti-lnfective and fade the scar soap
      OEM/ODM 100% Natural rice oil handmade soap Fragrant Rice Aromatherapy oil handmade soap silk and soft cold process soap
      Custom Flower soap with 100% natural lavender Deep cleansing and moisturizing Aromatherapy oil soap Sleep Aid multifunction soap
      OEM/ODM sweet cleanser soap all Natural fruity handmade soap pomegranate aromatherapy oil handmade soap
      Powerfully moisturize skin handmade soap nourishing soap bar
      Factory soap all natural handmade and fruity extraction blueberry aromatherapy oil handmade soap sweet cleanser soap
      Factory customization soap all natural handmade and plant extraction Aloe aromatherapy oil handmade soap sweet cleanser soap
      100g Honey flower cleanser soap Deep moisturizing clean face handmade soap factory manufacture sale handmade soap
      Natural extraction pawpaw essence Oils cleanser soap Whitening And Cleaning Handmade Soap cleansing face soap
      100g Safety Nanometer gold oil handmade Natural fragrance soap whitening and spot solution cleansing face and body soap
      Solid Form lemon oil handmade sweet cleanser soap OEM Factory Manufacture fruit oil cold process Soap for chemical free
      100g Multifunctional Handmade Pure Cold Processed natural honey soap ,nature power soap with vitamin E and vitamin C
      OEM/ODM natural fruit handmade toilet soap For Face and Body With Olive Oil Green apple essential oil handmade soap
      OEM/ODM wholesale handmade soaps Goat Milk Honey Beauty Handmade Soap essential oil soap handmade
      Beauty Custom-made wholesale honey Peach Essence handmade soap for cleansing face body, Natural Fruit All brand handmade soap
      Guangzhou Factory OEM Fragrant rice essential oil handmade soap wholesale soap Whitening Moisturize ODM Soap
      OEM Factory Manufacture Hot Sell Lavender Essential Oil cold process Soap, Wholesale Natural Handmade soap for chemical free
      100g coconut essential oils Natural shape Handmade cleanser face soap,Natural Handmade Olive Oil Beauty Soap
      Cherry blossom essential oil Handmade soap with sweet potpourri ,Rectangular solid Facial Soap with Moisturizing whitening
      100 g solid bamboo charcoal deep cleansing face handmade soap ,glycerin soap with 100% natural Bamboo charcoal extract
      Violet extract essential oil handmade soap Natural flower And Oils Whitening And Cleaning Handmade Soap square shape
      Naturally Safe and Gentle Hyaluronic moisturizing handmade soap,wholesale factory price handmade soap
      All natural Snail extract handmade soap,whiten and smooth skin soap with natural fragrance
      Fresh and cool Ocean moisturizing handmade soap ,Safety oil-control and remove acne Square soaps handmade