Company Details

  • Business Type : Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Location : Limmpopo (South Africa), South Africa
  • Year Established : 2003
  • Main Markets : North America 11.11% South America 11.11% Western Europe 11.11%
  • Main Products : Weight Management Solution, Body Nutrition, Skin And Hair Care, Health Food,,
  • Links : South Africa Beauty & Personal Care, South Africa Skin Care, South Africa Sunscreen,
  • Company¬†Introduction

    OUR VISIONTo be one of the major distributor of all health and beauty products, and related Services around the globeOUR MISSIONTo provide excellent services in health and beauty products.To provide healthy and beauty solutions to organizations and individuals through administering appropriate healthy and beauty products.To assist individuals in becoming effective distributors and realizing their objectives, in the most efficient and economical way through the use of Information Technology and TrainingBackgroundFormed in South Africa kayhealth become one of the most successful health and beauty products distributor, distributing all around the globe, effectively. Kayhealth company profileKayhealth stands due to well trained and experienced distributor who strives hard to keep health matters first priority and help other boost their health and financial status.EXPERTISEWeight management solutionBody nutritionSkin and hair careBusiness opportunitiesCarrier guidance, training and recruitingWeight management solutionWe sell state of the art, dependable, tried and tested dietary food supplements, for your body that are safe to use, they provide a balance of protein and carbohydrates suitable for weight managementThese products help you gain, lose, or maintain your weight Body nutritionWe provide nutritional products that will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs, they are different nutritional products both for men and woman since they vary in their lifestyles kayhealth company profileWe have a wide range of products that covers every aspect of your body, digestive health, healthy heart, stress, fatigue and sports nutrition only to mention a fewSkin and hair careWe provide everything you need in skin and hair care, our products are not comparable to any other products on the market, since they are mainly rich with nutrients that is suitable for any type of skin, dry, oily or normalOur product ranges from cleanser, toner, eye cream, day defence, fragrances, and shampoos, only to mention a few.These can help with aging skin, oily, cellulites and many more known skin problemsBusiness opportunities and trainingWe provide business opportunities to those who wish to be active distributors of the same category and we sponsor and give them training to help them kick start their businessFor more information please visit our web site

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. Kizito Sello Maruta
  • Job Title : Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : House No 31 Omega Park Penina Park
  • Zip/Post Code : 0700
  • Website : http://www.kayhealth.co.za
  • Company¬†Product

      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Moisture Mask (Suitable for all skin types)
      Protein Powder Sports Nutrition pill
      THERMO COMPLETE diet pill
      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Exfoliating Facial Scrub (Suitable for all skin types)
      FIBRE & HERB diet pill
      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Foaming Gel Cleanser
      Protein Supplement Powder diet pill
      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Eye Gel (Suitable for all skin types)
      Protein Bars
      LIPOBOND diet pill
      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Eye Cream (Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive)
      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Moisturiser SPF 15 (for normal to dry skin)
      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Moisturiser SPF 15
      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Toner
      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Toner (for normal to dry skin)
      NouriFusion" MultiVitamin Night Cream (Suitable for all skin types)
      NouriFusion MultiVitamin Normal to Oily System
      CREAM - Morning and Night
      Nutritional Shake Mix diet pill
      DAY LOTION SPF 15 - Every Morning
      EYE CREAM - Morning and Night
      Sports Nutrition pill
      Shapeworks MULTIVITAMIN COMPLEX Sports Nutrition pill
      LIP REFINER SPF 15 - Anytime
      NouriFusion MultiVitamin Normal to Dry Kit
      Nutrition pill
      health pill
      CELL ACTIVATOR health pill
      ROSE-OX Nutrition pill
      Joint Support Nutrition pill