North and West Farmers Enterprise

Company Details

  • Business Type : Manufacturer
  • Location : Mile 16 Bolifamba Buea, South West Province
  • Year Established : 2010
  • Main Products : Coffee Beans,Cocoa Bea
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  • Company Introduction

    Dear Sir,We are exporter of green Arabica coffee beans, green robusta coffeebeans and fermented cocoa beans.Our company is base in Cameroon so as well all our product are produceand exported from Cameroon.Our Green Arabica coffee beans, Green Robusta coffee beans andFermented Cocoa beans are harvested from our rich volcanic soil thatgives it unique test and flavor for perfect quality and bodyrefreshing. It has a perfect test and flavor that is purely differentfrom other coffee beans and cocoa beans producing countries around theworld. All of our products are purely organic with no chemicals toimprove productivity level. We prefer low out put with high quality.We normally sell in mixed grade and our cocoa beans are well selectedfrom Beans and Ropes to remove any product that may lower it qualityand test. This also goes with our coffee beans. Care is taking tosought the product by grade and our coffee are carefully washed totake of the brown backs of the green beans so as to give the coffee itperfect greener view and to make sure it quality is totally maintain.Our Green Coffee Beans and Fermented Cocoa Beans are normally baggedin jute bags of 60kg and loaded in 20 feet container of 18,300kg. The300kg is given as the weight of the jute bags but our actual sellingquantity is the 18,000kg. We also carry out packing in 50KG but mostoften it depends on the buyer's request. The cost for bagging indifferent kg does not affect the price but we do not carry out packingin less than 50KG and more than 61 KG.Our production Capacity for our green Arabica coffee beans per yearstands at 500MT.Our production Capacity for our green Robusta coffee beans per yearstands at 12,000MT.Our production capacity for our Fermented Cocoa Beans stands at30,000MT per year.The above production capacity is the minimum capacity we can supply per year.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Oben Carlso
  • Job Title : Business Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Address : Mile 16 Bolifamba Buea, South West Province
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