Well Lord Inc., a leading world-wide supplier to the cosmetic industry since 1976, stays on cutting edge of design and technology trends provide our customers with innovative proven solutions meet their needs.Well provides finest quality atomizers variety packages available around world. Our bulb spray are offered in most ...
  • Biocera Co., Ltd.

    150, Yatap-dong, Bundang-gu

    As an inorganic chemical component manufacturer, Biocera Co., LTD. has produced antibacterial and photo-catalysis ceramics as well Far-Infrared Radiating body products for the past ten years.Biocera have been proven safe of innoxious, ames assay, acute oral toxicity (FDA certified A T) by Korean national laboratory ...
  • Shenzhen Six Plus Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

    (Office)Room A11, 12th Floor, Hengqin Mansion, Hengling, Crossroad Of Minzhi Ave. And Minfeng Road, Minzhi Street, Bao'an Dist.

    Shenzhen Six Plus Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional trading company Cosmetic Palettes and Makeup Brushes in Shenzhen, China. We have been leading this field internationally recent 4 years till now from 2009.We our own brand, Quality service highest purpose. Our quality meets standards. offer services ...


    Green resssource act for more responsible trade worldwide and help African farmer to build up their project and sell there product in international market
  • Guangzhou Panyu Dashi Aoxiang Factory

    No.58,Gongye Road, Xiyi Village,Luopu Street ,Dashi Town,Panyu District ,Guangzhou,China

    Guangzhou Panyu Dashi Aoxiang Factory was founded in 2005, and is a professional manufacturer of acrylic products. Acrylic crafts are the main products our factory. Our factory utilizes complete set production equipment lathes, drilling machines, drawing benches, engraving cutting machines. We can do deep processing ...
  • Cmstar Corporatio

    86 9th Avenue Cubao

    The company started as a direct selling in the philippines 1986. original name was laurentti. later changed to cmstar corporation and relocated quezon city, capital of phillippines. diversified into retail import / export business. Other line products were introduced like skin care, food supplements medicine. We continue ...
  • Chiquita

    40 St. Regis Crst Toronto, O

    I recently registered my business and am looking for great suppliers to work with. My business is run off of Ebay. I sell womans products but as well as some random iteams. Though my business is registered under Chiquita my ebay name is different.