Wuhan Jie Swisu Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd

Company Details

  • Operational Address : Building 1, Phase 2, Core Center Of Optics Valley, East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, China (Mainland)
  • Business Type : Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Location : Hubei, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established : 2003
  • Main Markets : Domestic Market 30.00% South America 10.00% Southeast Asia 10.00%
  • Main Products : Aerosol Filling Machine,Liquid Filling Machine,Powder Packing Machine,Paste Filling Machine,Automatic Liquid Packing Machine, Aerosol Filling Machine,Automatic Aerosol Filling Line CJXH-2800, Semi-auto Aerosol Filling Mahcine CJXH-800, Semi-auto Aerosol Filling Machine CJXH-1600, PU Foam Aerosol Filling Machine CJXH-1600C, Under-cup Aerosol Filling Machine CJXH-1600D, Bag On Valve Aerosol Filling Mahcine CJXH-1600G, Aerosol- Related Accessories, Valves,Cans, Nozzles,Gas Filling Machine, Butane Gas Filling Machine, LPG Gas,Automatic Gas Filling Machine, Semi-automatic Gas Filling Machine, Liquid Filling Machine,Semi-automatic Filling Machine,Liquid Packing Machine,Automatic Filling Machine,Liquid Detergent Complete Line, Water Treatment System,Other Packing Machines, New Products,,
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  • Company Introduction

    Wuhan Jie swisu Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd was founded in1995.The headquarters of our company is located in No.1 SBI entrepreneurial street of optical valley core entrepreneurial park in Wuhan,Hubei Province of China, with 15 years��history of technical well-known brand. We have our own plants and office buildings with proprietary intellectual property rights.It�� a joint-stock company which is setting chemical technology development, production trade, the manufacturing of machinery for an organic whole. Our company mainly produces chemical machinery equipments, such as aerosol filling machine, paste filling machine, liquid filling machine, washing powder equipment, detergent equipment. Over the past 15 years竊�he company with "Chaojie" as the service brand(already registered in the state trademark office).The putty project of vehicle which we developed in1994 created huge economic efficiency for society.Then we developed the ��ashing powder production process of agglomeration��in 1996,which was making many small plants back to life.From the year of 2000 to present,the company launched emulsification evenly intercept method to produce various kinds of liquid detergents,including special laundry detergent, dishwashing agent, hotel special hand sanitizer, bath dew, shampoo and so on, We have more than 300 entity laundry associated shop in Wuhan city, and the company has become the Wuhan�� washing association governing units. In the new filling equipment development. the company has produced a series equipment supporting of ��haojie��brand,such as powder filling packing machine, liquid filling packing machine, paste filling packing machine and aerosol production filling machinery and so on. So far as know, we have 3800 entrepreneurial customers in the whole country. The company technology can not only solve the tens of thousands of people's employment question, also contributed to the local batch of rich model. However

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Ms. Shiqin Hu
  • Department : Sale
  • Job Title : manager
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : Special No.1 SBI ChuangYe street, East-Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Optical Valley
  • Zip/Post Code : 430074
  • Website : http://www.jrsea.com http://www.jrsea.c
  • Company Product

      Automatic Canned Compressed Breath Fresh Air Oxygen Freshener Filling Machine For Car
      Automatic Aerosol LPG Butane Refrigerant Cylinder Canned Gas Filling Machines
      Automatic Spray Can Pu Foam/Polyurethane Foam Aerosol Filler/Filling Machine
      Automatic Body Deodorant Perfume/Hair/Paint/Chrome Spray Can Aerosol Filling Machine
      Automatic High Efficient For Pu Foam Polyurethane Foam Aerosol Foam Filler
      Automatic Body Spray, Perfume Aerosol Deodorant Filling Machine
      The Professional Aerosol Filling Machine Manufacturers For Automatic Production Lines
      High Efficient Automatic Aerosol Can Filling Machines For Insecticide/Body Spray
      Automatic portable LPG Gas /Butane Gas Filling Machines
      Automatic Canned Fresh Air Filling Machine For Portable Breathing
      Hight Speed Pneumatic Small fully Automatic PU Foam Filling Machine
      Hot sale aerosol spray filling machine for mosquito killer
      Labor-saving Automatic Aerosol Canned Spray Paint Filling Machines
      Automatic Refrigerant Coolants/Freon F12 F22 R134a HFC-134a Gas Filling Machines
      Automatic Filling Refrigerant Freon R134a Under Cap Filling Machines
      Automatic Bag On Valve /BOV Spray Aerosol Filling Machines
      Automatic Fresh Air/Oxygen In Cans Spray Filling Equipments
      Automatic Filling Breathing Fresh Air oxygen Spray Equipments
      Automatic Canned Fresh Air/Oxygen Filling Machines With Tin-plate Cans And Aluminum Cans
      Automatic Anti-Rust Spray/Mould Release Spray Aerosol Filling Machines
      Automatic Hair Spray/Shaving Gel/Foam Aerosol Filling Machines
      Automatic Aerosol Lines For Filling Canned Snow Spray/Party Foam / Artificial Snow
      Automatic Insecticide Pesticide Insect Killer Aerosol Filling Machines
      Automatic Air Freshener Spray Aerosol Tin-Plate Cans Filling Machines
      Automatic Deodorant, Body Spray, Perfume Aerosol Filling Machine
      Automatic Can Spray Paint Aerosol Filling Equipments With Tin-plate Cans
      Self-Defense Spray Police/Pepper Spray Aerosol Tin-Plate Cans
      Engine Cleaner Spray Upholstery Spray Aerosol Tin-Plate Cans
      LPG/ Butane Gas/Cartridge/Cassette Refilling Cans
      Freon Refrigerant R134a R410a HFC-134a Cans
      Under Cup Refrigerant Freon R134a Filling Cans
      Canned Fresh Air Oxygen Aluminum Cans
      Bag On Valve Evian Avene Small Aluminum Cans
      Breathing Fresh Air/Oxygen Tinplate Cans
      Canned Fresh Air tinplate cans for Filling Machines
      Anti-Rust Spray/Mould Release Aerosol Cans