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  • Klimatserviss Ltd.

    Antenas 3 Riga,

  • Professional Advisers Association

    Elizabetes Str. 7

    Professional Advisers Association was founded as an organization with aim to enhance the level of enterprises effectiveness increase, ameliorate professional education employees and coordinate general activity advisers in sphere national economy development. The embeds its members various projects. During period work, ...
  • International Court Of Arbitation In Europe

    Viskalu 11-210, Riga, Latvia, Latvia,LV1026

    The International Court of Arbitration in Europe ('ICAE') is a unique dispute resolution court for international business people and entities as it resolves disputes before by written submissions only. Because this, Applicants, Defendants their Representatives, are saved considerable cost time not having to attend the ...
  • Metalrestaurator

    Rudbarzu street 2

    We can realize you ideas in metal! Our main line of business is wrough iron and various metalic products. In addition we also remelt black (pig iron) to create an alloy with zinc. Ancient metal hardware different kind ancient copies have been restored manufactured; which are decorating the heart Latvia. The entire job always made ...

    We are company which provide legal services for business. Our main products are: - formation in Latvia, EU;- accounting services;- bank account opening companies as well private persons;- invitation letter Business visas;- Temporary residence permit;- real estate. ...
  • Seldi Ltd.

    Gertrudes Str. 66

    Seldi Ltd. real estate co. Activity spheres:1. Management and development of investment projects, including working out business plans, planning taxes, organizing houses' projecting building, public relations (pr) carrying advertising campaigns marketing strategies, sale lease management.2. Investment ...
  • Tiwatiwacom

    Zellu 5-4,  Riga, ,  Latvia. LV1002

    Sell products in Russia and Baltic's. Looking for a Trading Partner We offer the wholesale selling of your Russia, Ukraine, Latvia so on.Also we are ready to help you find trade partner countries. Please, contact us if have interest Russia's or Baltic's market.Skype: tiwatiwacom ...

    Valdemara 63

  • Quot;Real Estate LV" Ltd


    I am young man which have the interest to start cooperation with profesional abroad company. Our companu estabilished in 2006 year.I would like bussines Asia design of modern style realise your ideas here Europe. Also interesting find company estbilish coperation.I want work profesionals and know you are professional! ...
  • Aindars Group SIA

    33-1, Bruninieku Riga, Riga

  • Firstenergy1

    Stabu iela 19

  • Ltd Komerclideri

    Riga, Vidzeme, Latvia

  • Komerctiesibas,SIA

    Ziedu 12

    Komerctiesibas Ltd is a company of wide profile, registered on year 2005. The company started with providing legal services, but at the moment is also participating in trading and investment.
  • Grand Baltics

    Brivibas gatve 197b

  • LatBusiness Consulting

    Kastranes, Riga, Latvia

  • R.E.I.S - Real Estate Investment Services

    Jekabpils Street 2

    Dear Mr. And Mrs. Our company can offer full package of services in real estate market Latvia. We could buy your order, make valuation and everything that is necessary for mortgage sales process. Also we provide after selling such as rent, renovation. have huge database objects good investment (6-10% yield) Latvian market. ...
  • Nexus Tourism Agency


  • Target Ralty

    Kr. Barona 4a Sigulda, Rigas raj.

    EXPERIENCE AND PROFESSIONALISMWe offer to buy real estate in Latvia and Spain.Our professionals will assist choosing property, taking your requirements into account. Competency individual approach solutions of any complexity is key our sustainable high performance growth customers? success.Please contact us, we be glad ...
  • Look4info

    Maskavas, Riga, Latvia,1035

    We are European based company.We are performing information search globally for our customers.We look for supliers, customers, business partners, contact info, specific products and etc.
  • 3 PriedeZ

    Melmaka Wondercity, none